WR Rashard Higgins, WR Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi, LB Mack Wilson and CB Greedy Williams (8.8.19)


WR Rashard Higgins:

On tonight’s game:

“The talk of the day should be (WR) Damon Sheehy (-Guiseppi). For him to come out and have fun in his first game is special. That is what the game is all about. I really can’t describe the feeling because I am so happy for that guy.”


On the team celebrating Sheehy’s touchdown:

“We were calling it before it even happened. When Damon Sheehy’s name was called to go back to punt return, we were all standing up. He was telling us that he could run a 4.3, and we told him that we haven’t seen that all camp, but it looked like he ran a 4.3 to me.”


On the play calling on the first drive:

“The plan was to go to our two-minute offense. I don’t know if it was to try and catch those guys off guard, but we wanted to do the two-minute offense to see how we would do. We did a hell of a job tonight.”


On receiving the kickoff to start the game:

“With home field advantage and fans packing the stadium, why wouldn’t we want the ball first? We want to send a message and show everyone what we have been practicing. Now you all got a little taste of it today.”


On developing the trust with QB Baker Mayfield:

“Baker is smart. He is going on his second year and there is a lot of development that he has completed, and we only saw a taste of it today. He did a great job of reading coverages and doing what he does, which is win games.”


WR Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi:

On knowing if he would play in the fourth quarter:

“Throughout the week, he said you’re going to get a chance to return no matter what in the game.  I didn’t know when it was going to be, but then it was the fourth quarter and he said, ‘You’ve got the next punt return.’  I was like, ‘Alright, it’s my turn, and I was just excited.”


On the punt return touchdown:

“I saw all my blockers blocking and I just saw the hole.  I ran as fast as I could to the hole and tried to take off.”


On feeling the love from his teammates:

“I felt all the love.  I couldn’t breathe under the pile.  I was over there gasping for air, but I felt all the love.  I saw all of them come running down there [to the end zone] and it was just a blessing.”


On it looking like a teammate knocked him over in the celebration:

“Oh yeah, that was my dawg.  He came down and wanted me to jump with him.  He was super excited and ended up reaching his hand out and I fell.  It was Ish (WR Ishmael Hyman).”


On if he thinks about everything he has been through in a moment like this:

“No, I just think about the moment, try to stay in the moment and think about what’s to come next.  I’m just super proud to be able to take advantage of the moments like that.”


LB Mack Wilson:

On his defensive skillset:

“I feel like that is something that God blessed me with. I am able to be utilized every time I step on the field. I believe I am a versatile linebacker. I can to cover, stop the run and am able to catch the ball.”


On his second interception:

“I dropped back and was reading the quarterback’s eyes. Everywhere he looked, I followed, and he threw the ball so I jumped in front and caught it.”


On having a nose for the football:

“Growing up, I played offense so I feel like my athletic ability helps me out. I think I have a nose for the football. It’s hard to explain, but it is just something I have. Growing up, I played quarterback, running back, and wide receiver.”


On his touchdown interception:

“I caught the ball and saw a little traffic, but honestly, it felt like my interception from the Clemson game. I caught it and the quarterback was coming for me so I tried to stiff arm him and then I got tackled into the end zone.”


CB Greedy Williams:

On his experience in his first NFL game:

“I was nervous a little bit to start. As it got going, I started playing like I am supposed to play, and it was a great experience.”


On learning from film of tonight’s game:

“There are always mistakes. Tomorrow we will go back at it, fix the mistakes and get it done.”


On the defense’s success tonight:

“It was an amazing moment. We put in work day in and day out, and in practice, (LB) Mack (Wilson) has made some picks and returned them for touchdowns. It was nothing that was unexpected, that is what he does. Both him, and (WR Damon) Sheehy (-Guiseppi) had a great night.”


On the experience of getting to play another team:

“It was a little different than I was expecting. I went out there a little nervous the first two drives, just realizing that I am really in the NFL, but then I told myself it’s still football and got myself going. I went out there and did what I needed to do.”


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