WR Odell Beckham Jr. (9.26.21)

On how he felt playing again:

“Exhausted (laughter). It was the first time in a very long time. A lot of emotions and a lot of things just running through you as you are back in the stadium. It is still a dream to play in the NFL and be in this game. It was a lot to take in today. I just felt like I could never get my legs going, but we came out with the W and that is all that matters.”


On if he played more than expected:

“I am one of those people that I am going to go as much as I can go. It is hard for me to sit out, but any time I needed a break, I was not hesitant to take it. I pushed it, but I gave it everything I could for today.”


On if he felt a connection with QB Baker Mayfield:

“Absolutely. Just the scheme that we had. We had a couple throws, but there are definitely things that I can work on. Like I said, for the first game back, I just felt like I could never get my legs underneath me. It was definitely a tough game, but I got my feet wet. Glad to get that one out of the way. 1-0 and move onto next week.”


On what his first hit felt like:

“Needed it (laughter). Just needed it. First hit came on a pass that I did not catch, and my shoulder popped out. I was like, alright of course something like that would happen. It was good to feel that and get back into it. The game went on, and it was a little bit smoother.”


On his emotions at the start of the game:

“It is just so many. There has been so much made of the first game back. I try to downplay it but everyone else close to you and the people around you, the whole kind of vibe. You are trying not to think about it and then it gets put on you. I came out and tried not to go crazy in warmup or anything. Just get my legs underneath me. I got to the game, and I swear I just felt like each play I could not get them underneath me. A lot of things to look at the film and improve on and that is all we can do.”


On clarifying his shoulder comment on the hit:

“Football stuff. Shoulder pops out; put it back in. Keep playing. It is like a boxer whose legs you cannot get underneath you. You do not have the same balance. It is not a lack of exposure or anything like that. It is just that first game back energy and emotions running through you. I just could not get my legs going.”