WR Odell Beckham Jr., WR Rashard Higgins, WR Jarvis Landry, DT Sheldon Richardson, LB Joe Schobert and C JC Tretter (10.31.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • WR Odell Beckham Jr.
  • WR Rashard Higgins
  • WR Jarvis Landry
  • DT Sheldon Richardson
  • LB Joe Schobert
  • C JC Tretter


WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On if he has asked for advice about playing altitude since he has never played at Denver:

“Nothing you can do at this point. You just have to adapt. I have it tatted on the side of my ride, ‘Adapt to survive.’ I trained in Big Bear for like two and half, three weeks. It was tough, but it is not going to be much time to adjust. You just have to play with it.”


On if he pays attention to any of his career milestones, given he is approaching 6,000 career receiving yards:

“None of them. Not to sound ungrateful or anything, but none of them mean anything. If you are losing, it sucks to lose. No milestone is going to make you feel better. Plus, I have missed seasons, games so for me, it is not really in the back of my head either.”


On if he is able to put his frustration with losing aside during the week:

“It is always there. You want to win. You want to be part of the solution and you never want to be the problem. I think we are all just trying to find the solution right now. We are just trying to find ways to put together games, less mistakes, less penalties. Find a way to put together better games and come out with the win.”


On coaches balancing not forcing the ball to him when getting him the opportunities when they should:

“I do not know – that is why they are the coach and I am the player. I do not know how to really answer that. It is tough. I think at the end of the day, they just do what is best for the team. They do whatever the gameplan is and they go about it that way. Once you get caught up in trying to make someone happy or anything like that, I think it would weaken the gameplan if anything. You kind of just got to go about it whatever they feel like is the best approach for that game.”


WR Rashard Higgins:

On the significance of Sunday’s game:

“It is a big game. We need this win. They have a good defense, and we need to show what we are about. The offense needs to get up and going. Our defense has been doing a hell of a job, and we need to put up some points on the board and come out with a W.”


On if he has gotten a sense in practice that he will be more involved in the offense:

“I have been getting in practice so I can’t wait until the Denver game.”


On recalling last year’s game at Denver:

“Do you all remember when (former Browns and NY Giants S) Jabrill Peppers got that sack at the end. That was fun. It was just like the game was done right there and then. Just that feeling of winning, we need that feel back around here. This is a big game for us.”


WR Jarvis Landry:

On his shoulder:

“I am feeling pretty good. It is just something that I initially re-hurt. Something I had hurt earlier in the year, and I am fine. Let’s go.”


On if the altitude in Denver affects receivers more significantly than other positions:

“The air is a little thinner obviously, but it did not seem to be too much of a challenge for us last year getting adjusted… It was not something that drastically played a part in our endurance, our running or anything like that.”


On what the Browns took away to last year’s victory over the Broncos:

“I remember it felt great. It felt great. I still remember (former Browns and NY Giants S) Jabrill Peppers making the sack to really seal the game for us and all of the emotions. I think at the time we were still kind of in the hunt. We had to win out, we had to win a couple of games and we needed a couple of people to lose and things like that, but our whole mantra at that time was control what you can control. Just go get these games, go get these games. That was a very emotional, very emotional game for us to kind of keep our spirits up and keep our wild card playoff hopes alive at the time.”


On if the Browns are in a similar situation now to last year when heading to Denver in regards to keeping playoff hopes alive:

“All of them are equally important from the first one to the last one. I just think that now we are in this situation and we have to find a way to get out of whatever this is that we are in. Yes, this one is definitely important for us and to start to create the momentum to build for the rest of the schedule.”


DT Sheldon Richardson:

On facing Broncos QB Brandon Allen in his first NFL start:

“He has never taken an NFL snap, but he is in the league for a reason. Treat them all the same. Execute the gameplan.”


On what film the Browns defense has watched to prepare for Allen:

“The Broncos film, the scheme and that is about it.”


On Allen’s skillset:
“Mobile quarterback. He can throw the ball. He is an NFL quarterback, and he is running the offense so we treat them all the same.”


On if he expects the Broncos offense to run the ball more with a less experienced QB:

“They will try to, but if he starts throwing the ball and starts hitting home, they will continue to throw the ball. Whether he is inexperienced or not, if he can throw the ball, he can throw the ball.”


LB Joe Schobert:

On logistics of preparing for Denver’s offense and Broncos QB Brandon Allen in his first NFL start:

“I think overall just schematics of the offense that Denver likes to run. They say we do not have a lot of film on him. Some of the film we were shown this morning about his arm and accuracy was from other teams. I think the main thing is that they are going to try to do what they do best and do it a lot, especially with a guy that is new to scheme or playing for the first time with that team.”


On the Broncos run game success:

“They have a good offensive line. Their backs, (Broncos RB Phillip) Lindsay is a smaller guy but he runs with a lot of power and explosiveness. He can beat us out in the open field, and he is hard to catch and bring down. They do a good job. They have a bunch of schemes. They use their fullbacks and tight ends very well. They have a good a fullback and lead backer. When they are able to get a good run scheme and you do not fit it properly, they can make you pay because the backs have explosion going up the field.”


On if he sees similarities in the Broncos offense and 49ers offense:

“It is similar, but not quite the same. Definitely their coach (Broncos offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello) came from there so they are obviously going to do things and you can take some stuff from the San Francisco game. We have to really be prepared for it.”


On if the Broncos use TE Jeff Heuerman similarly to 49ers TE George Kittle:

“Not quite. He does get a couple screens. He does get a few shots down the field. In San Francisco, I feel like they really try to get the ball to Kittle all the time because he is a playmaker in space.”


C JC Tretter:

On being healthier than this time last year when playing in Denver:

“I feel a lot healthier. Last year was tough. I think Denver was also a Saturday game so it was kind of a shorter week, which makes it a little more difficult as well. The body just feels better. Obviously, the legs feel good. It is a totally different type of feeling going into the week.”


On if he plays with more confidence when he knows his body is good to go:

“I think it is more just like you are comfortable knowing that you are going to be okay with all the movement and there is really not going to be anything that is kind of going to put you on edge so you just feel really comfortable in your body.”


On differences in the Broncos defense with Head Coach Vic Fangio compared to last year:

“They have a lot of similarities, but obviously, he brings a unique twist to it. They have a lot of talent over there, obviously, with (Broncos OLB) Von (Miller) starting it all off, but they also have (Broncos DE) Derek (Wolfe) and they brought in (Broncos DE Mike) Purcell. They have a lot of talent there so it is going to be another challenge for us on the offensive line.”


On G Wyatt Teller’s performance on Sunday and challenges playing with rotating RGs:

“He did well. I do not think it is too hard. Like I said before, we do that stuff in practice all the time. Obviously, you do not usually see it in a game, but it is something that is what our weekly practice is like where guys are rotating in and out. Really does not affect anybody else I feel like. He did well. He did some things. We got to watch the film, got to make some corrections but he is a young guy who is anxious to learn, anxious to grow and that is the attitude you need to have.”


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