WR Odell Beckham Jr., WR Jarvis Landry, RB Kareem Hunt, DT Larry Ogunjobi and CB Denzel Ward (12.8.19)



WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On the report about his injury being called a sports hernia and if he’s in fact dealing with an injury:

“Since training camp, but it is what it is at this point.  Just have to keep playing.”


On if his injury will require surgery:

“I don’t know.  We’ll figure it out after the season.”


On if the report by Fox’s Jay Glazer about him wanting out of Cleveland has any truth to it:

“I’m not going to talk about any offseason stuff that’s going on.  Right now, the focus is to win, go 1-0 and that’s what we did today.  Any other questions about it, I’m not going to answer.”


On if he was frustrated with some of the things that happened today during the game:

“It is what it is.  We won.  The whole point is to win.”


On his level of pain that he’s been dealing with:

“I really don’t run until Friday.  I come out here and do what I can.  At this point, it is what it is.  There is nothing you can really do but finish out the season and try to be 1-0, try to get to these playoffs.  Still all of the same goals, regardless of what’s going on.”


On if it troubles him that stories about his future are coming out:

“I’m used to it.  I’ve been dealing with it for three or four years.  It’s just the same thing that is going on. Not anything that I can’t handle.”


On the Browns’ playoff chances:

“There are obviously variables and things that need to happen for us to get in, but all we can do is win the rest of our games and let fate be fate.”


On if his injury has been identified as a sports hernia:
“I don’t really know.  You have to ask the doctors if you have a chance to interview them.  I don’t really know what to tell you.”


WR Jarvis Landry:

On the offensive performance:

“We lean on (RB Nick) Chubb and (RB) Kareem (Hunt), and those guys found ways to make plays. The line did a hell of a job blocking downfield, and when we got in the red zone, found a way to get points. They did a good job today.”


On the early turnovers:

“We had a few turnovers here and there, and obviously, you want to eliminate those. These things happen in the game, but our defense went out there, responded and held them to a field goal a couple of times. For us, it’s good to see everyone playing together and everyone having each other’s backs.”


On the defensive performance:

“Our defense is a resilient group. They continue to fight each and every week and work hard. Our objective is to hold them as many times as possible, but obviously, we know things happen throughout the game and that is why it is a team game.”


On the remainder of the season:

“We are still fighting. We are in it until they tell us we are out, and we understand that we have to go 1-0 each and every week.”


RB Kareem Hunt:

On the win:

“It is big.  Every game is big from here on out.  We have to keep coming and winning.  It might not always be pretty, but we have to find a way to win.”


On finally settling down and enjoying the fact he playing in Cleveland and he has yet to lose at home:

“It is nice playing at home, and it is even better playing for your hometown team. Plan on hopefully going undefeated here in Cleveland, and that will be something big.  Hopefully make a run, but we have to take it game by game. The most important game is Arizona now.”


On the Browns being 4-1 since his return from suspension and the offense’s performance:

“We have been doing a good job of coming up with plays that have me and (RB Nick) Chubb out there and able to make a factor. It is hard for teams to stop two running backs out there and guys who are willing to put their body on the line and run.”


On if he gets fired up when Chubb busts a long run like his 50+ yarder today:

“Yeah, we are both like ‘Somebody [is going to do it]. who is going to do it? Who is going to be the first one?’ He definitely made a great read and a great run. I was hoping he would go score. I thought he was going to score. He got a little bit tired. I was able to come in and no drop off.”


On approaching this game like the team could still make the playoffs and the outlook now:

“The same. You never know what can happen so we have to come out here and win out pretty much. It starts with the next play against Arizona, the next quarter, everything. That is the biggest focus right now.”


DE Larry Ogunjobi:

On his sack in the red zone:

“I just wanted to make a play for the team. I got penetration and our line collapsed the pocket which helped drive him back to get the sack.”


On if there’s more pressure with some injuries on the Browns DL:

“No, I think it is only pressure when you are not prepared. We practice very hard during the week trying to master our craft. These guys are in here for a reason. Guys like (DE) Bryan Cox, (DT) Eli (Ankou), (DT) Brandin Bryant have all been able to come in and make splash plays when we have needed them.”


On the defensive performance:

“We are playing confident football right now. The guys along the defensive line are really focusing on making their tackles, tackling in space and trying to make plays for us. Of course, there are things that we have to work on when we watch film tomorrow, but it is good to get the win.”


CB Denzel Ward:

On his interception returned for a TD in the first half:

“Sometimes the ball just comes to you, and that was one of those plays where we got the tip and my guys did a good job of blocking to get me into the end zone.”


On remaining in the playoff hunt:

“It was big, but we have to take it one game at a time and focus on our next game. We can’t look too far ahead and need to take it one game at a time.”


On continuing momentum to finish the regular season:

“We need to stay focused and keep having everyone do their jobs. We have to come in focused and pull out another win next week.”


On Head Coach Freddie Kitchens challenging the CBs after last week:

“I took it as a challenge, and I wanted to go out there and make plays to help my team win.”


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