WR Odell Beckham Jr., RB Nick Chubb, DE Myles Garrett, WR Jarvis Landry and CB Greedy Williams (11.3.19)



On why he had to change his cleats at halftime

“Obviously, you guys know that I have a deal with Nike. I really wasn’t going to say anything but if I don’t say something then it’s just going to be used against me. I have a deal with Nike and we were supposed to wear white jerseys this week. In the offseason, before the season even started in June and July, we sit down and map out the cleats. ‘Alright this is it… Bam, this is the jersey you are going to wear. Cool.’ This week on Wednesday or Thursday we switched jerseys from the white to the all brown, so I had no cleats left to wear. I had none I could have worn and the black ones that I was wearing for the rest of the game for some reason were hurting my feet, so I went to the ones that were most comfortable. I’m pretty sure that they changed the rule and you know cleats weren’t a big deal. It’s only a big deal to the people who were talking about it. When I have cleats on my feet, they could be hot pink or lime green, it’s never going to affect me. It’s not something that I’m worried about when I’m running a route, reading coverages and trying to win the game, so it was just tough. They literally switched the jerseys, so the cleats that I had were not for that jersey. We were supposed to wear white. I just had to go with whatever was most comfortable to play in.”


On their fourth down attempt on the final drive

“We were rushing to the line, the crowd was loud and it was just one of those plays. He threw it to somebody who’s sure-handed, and it was a tough catch and they ended up breaking it up. It’s something that I’m not mad at. I would throw to ‘80’ (WR Jarvis Landry) on fourth down ten times out of ten. This man is going to catch the ball every single time. It was just tough, there were like two guys on him and it was just a tough catch.”


On the successful touchdown drive in the fourth quarter

“You see what the fans, or whatever you want to call it, were expecting in bits and pieces throughout the game. You just have to be able to put a complete game together. It is the NFL, it is tough to beat any team. I remember watching the movie Any Given Sunday and Al Pacino’s speech and just how on any Sunday whoever comes and brings and puts together the best game is going to win.”


On the offensive struggles in the red zone

“It’s tough, when I get down there teams are going to double. We’ve just got to find out our other options. We had some opportunities, we just didn’t make the most of them. I know it gets redundant saying, but when you get down to the red zone at least two of those four times you have to come away with seven. If we come away with one out of four, we would be good. We just have to work on it and get back to the drawing board. Like I said, it sucks to say but that’s all we can do. We can keep moving forward or we can keep looking behind in the rearview. We have to leave this loss here and get on the plane then back at it. We have a tough game next week, and that is all we can worry about.”




On not being on the field on third and fourth down on the final drive

“I roll with what’s called. It doesn’t matter who’s out there, we’ve just got to execute. I thought [RB] Dontrell [Hilliard] did a great job this game making big plays and big blocks. When he had the ball in his hand he was unbelievable. There’s no let down when he’s in and I’m out.”


On if him splitting carries with Hilliard was part of the gameplan

“I mean, that’s just how the game went. We don’t say it was an adjustment, we just go with the flow and that’s what happened.”


On if the Broncos red zone defense created problems for them

“I think it was more on us. That’s a great defense over there, but we have to execute better and we’ve got to find a way to get into the end zone. We were down there way too many times to come out with just three points. We have to at least score once or twice more. I’m putting that on us to just find a way to execute better and get in the end zone.”




On game planning for Broncos QB Brandon Allen with it being his first career start

“You see a little bit of film, but we don’t know how we’re going to utilize it or what they’re going to do with him. Are they going to try to do things in the zone to make plays, or is he going to stay in the pocket (inaudible)? He’s successful in what he’s doing.”


On the defense’s struggles to limit big explosive plays

“That’s what counts. You let those explosive plays go, it just takes two or three to knock you out of winning the game.”


On if anything about Allen’s play surprised him





On the offense’s struggles in the red zone

“We accomplished some things. We managed to get down there and we managed to get some points. I think ultimately that you have to get points in the red zone, and obviously you want to get six points. On the second to last drive, we managed to put it in there, but we just didn’t do it enough.”


On his fourth down incompletion at the end of the game

“The guy guarding me just made a play. I think one of their guys came off of the person they were guarding and on to me, and of course there was the guy guarding me. It doesn’t matter though, I just need to make the play. This one is on me.”


On what it’s going to take to snap the losing streak

“I don’t know. But again, even though we lost the game, we accomplished some things. We didn’t turn the ball over, and I think we only had four or five penalties, which is much better than having 10 or 12 penalties.”


On the league making him and WR Odell Beckham Jr. change their cleats at halftime

“I don’t really understand it. When we went up to the Nike headquarters to start game planning for the season, for our uniforms and things like that, these things got cleared by the league before Nike could start processing the shoe. So, Nike processed the shoe thinking they had the green light from the NFL, so I didn’t see it being a problem or distraction to anybody. I’m just trying to play football. I don’t understand it. You see guys wear highlighter green cleats that don’t play for the Seahawks or don’t play for a team that has highlighter in their jersey at all, but they still wear the cleats. Once again, these things are out of my control. I’ll just switch my cleats and try to go back out there and get a win.”




On the performance of Broncos QB Brandon Allen in his first career start

“He played a great game, made a couple passes. When you play somebody at their house it’s kind of tough to win, so he did what he was supposed to do. He played a great game.”


On the offense struggling in the red zone

“That’s just something they’ve got to fix. We still got points out of it, but I know that our defense just needs to stop them and hold them and create turnovers.”


On if it was difficult to gameplan for Allen when they didn’t have game film on him

“Not really, we watched preseason film and stuff like that just to see how he was in the pocket. Obviously we knew he could scramble the ball and stretch plays with his feet, so we just had to stay in our coverage.”