WR Odell Beckham Jr., RB Nick Chubb and DE Myles Garrett (10.23.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • WR Odell Beckham Jr.
  • RB Nick Chubb
  • DE Myles Garrett


WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On the success of the Patriots secondary and Patriots CB Stephon Gilmore:

“Definitely the Patriots, the way that they play and I would say he is probably top two or three corners in the league. Great feet. He is just playing at a high level. Easily one of the top three [cornerbacks] in the league.”


On if he expects Gilmore to match him:

“Yeah. I expect them to do what they do, to be honest. Whatever their plan is it is going to be a detailed, thorough plan. Whether he is following, whether he is one side or whether he is following some. I expect them to do what they do.”


On what makes the Patriots and the way that they play so unique:

“I feel like it has been this way for a long time. They have a system. Unfortunately, it reminds me of Alabama in the sense of they have a system, they have guys who come in, they have guys who are wearing the same number from the past. They have the same style. They get fast linebackers coming off the edge, good corners and they just play as a team. Ever since I can remember, I have been watching (Patriots QB) Tom Brady. He is one of my biggest idols and somebody who I look up to. He has inspired me throughout my life. It has just been this way for as long as I can remember is this has been the team to beat. It has been the team that everybody has their eyes on because they are the best. (Patriots Head Coach Bill) Belichick has just done a phenomenal job over there in running it and getting the team exactly how he wants it. You are going to have to bring your A+ game. You can’t beat them by making mistakes. They do not make many mistakes. They have few penalties. They play perfect.”


On if it amazes him to watch a Patriots dynasty that has extended for the past two decades:

“Yeah, like I said Tom Brady is the GOAT. I know we have done some GOAT cloning (laughter). I think there is something going on. He is not human to be playing the way he is still playing, mentally prepared every single game, decisive decisions and knows how to manage a game. Plays offense and defense with the way that he plays. He is just very smart. He is the best to ever do it. I do not think anybody could really argue it. He is just the greatest. I definitely want some of the water that he is drinking (laughter). I know for me, as well, we are all inspired to be like.”


RB Nick Chubb:

On what made him and Patriots RB Sony Michel such an effective backfield together at Georgia:

“I think we both pretty much did anything we wanted to do. We play hard. We play for each other. I think it left defenses kind of guessing what was going to happen. Sony can do a lot of great things and so can I. I think it is just the combination of the both of us kind of scared our opponents.”


On if he gets a chance to watch Michel at all:

“I try to catch his games when I can.”


On if sees opportunities to run the ball against the Patriots, particularly if the game is close:

“I am not exactly sure. I am going to watch a little bit on them, but I have not really sat down and watched them that close. They are a great team so I would not just say that. Anything is going to happen. They do a lot of great things for us. Have to be us coming out and playing our best game and opening up some things, doing a lot of things correct, not making as many mistakes and see what we can do from there.”


On if it is a good time to play the Patriots now coming off the bye and as a test for the Browns heading into the second half of the season :

“It is the next game so it is a good test. We just work our next opponent and who do we have next. We know we are playing the Patriots who are a great team and Super Bowl Champs from last year. We are going to come out here, and we are going to be the best Browns we can be, play hard, not make many mistakes and see where the game goes.”


DE Myles Garrett:

On Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick’s comment that he is almost impossible to block:

“It is a major compliment from one of the best to ever do it. Definitely appreciate it. At the end of the day, compliments are not going to stop me from getting to (Patriots QB Tom) Brady.”


On if he is relieved that nothing worse happened from the situation with someone seeking his picture:

“Nothing really happened. It was a 10-minute thing and on with the rest of my day and on with the rest of my week. It is in the past.”


On if he would like to see the person prosecuted:

“Right now, I have no idea what is going to happen to him and I am not worried about it. I am worried about the Patriots and stopping Brady.”


On if the incident will make him hesitant to acknowledge fans who may want a picture with him:

“Hesitant to open my window. That is about it.”


On the importance of pressuring Brady, given that is a key to defeating the Patriots:
“It is easier said than done. You say you can get to him and sack him, but I think he is the fastest this year at getting the ball off and getting it out of his hands. You have to make sure that he is out there seeing ghosts (laughter), he is holding the ball, he is patting it and he is looking for other options, and you can have some time to get the ball out of his hands, strip him and get the ball to your offense.”