WR Odell Beckham Jr., LB Joe Schobert and C JC Tretter (12.5.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • WR Odell Beckham Jr.
  • LB Joe Schobert
  • C JC Tretter


WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On his mindset after a tough loss like last week against the Steelers and playoff implications:

“It is tough. It is a lot that has to happen for us to get in there. It is unfortunate. Pretty much the same thing – have to win this week. Worry about the rest and let the rest take care of itself, but we can’t do anything but take care of what we can take care of, which is to control this game and beat Cincinnati. They are coming off a win. Like I always say, it is any given Sunday. These are the best 32 teams in the world and some of the best players in the world so never take any opponent lightly.”


On if he senses the Browns will be able to bounce back and not let the Steelers loss impact the team against the Bengals:

“I definitely think so and I would hope so. The same with everything else, I feel like only time can tell. We have a game coming up. I feel like we will be able to figure it right after this weekend.”


On how he feels after a loss when he does not get the ball often:

“It is tough. Along with any other position, you want to help, period. You do get the ball or you do not get the ball, ultimately, what fixes everything is winning, and when you do not win, that is when you can see problems or any words you want to put in there – tension or any word you want to transfer that with is when you start to see the problem. The answer is always in winning. It is just really it.”


On if the argument can be made that getting him the ball more would help with winning:

“I am not really one for the argument. I just want to do any and everything possible to help this team in any kind of way. When I do get the ball, I am going to try and make the most of it. If I do not get it, I am just going to keep running the routes as hard as possible. I do not think it is anything intentional. I think teams have played a certain way and they have done some things to keep me from getting the ball. It is on everybody.”


LB Joe Schobert:

On LB Mack Wilson’s development:

“Obviously, like I said before, he kind of got throw into the fire a little bit at the beginning of the season, but as times go on, you get more comfortable understanding your role in the defense. When you do that, you let your athleticism and natural ability show, and he has been able to do that.”


On Wilson being a hard-working player since the day he arrived:

“Yeah, I think him and Taki (LB Sione Takitaki) in the offseason did a lot getting hear early, staying late. Alonso Escalante, our (defensive) quality control coach, helped him out. He is big time with all of those guys, getting them out early on walkthroughs, walking through things and going over fits, pass coverages and responsibility. He has been doing that since he has been here.”


On if he spends time off the field working with Wilson:
“We have a couple meetings throughout the week, especially Tuesdays and situations like that. Most of the stuff and the most of important things are kind of on the field just kind of walking through in practice, walking through, talking through things and building that communication is what is most key.”


On if he sees any differences in the Bengals’ offense with Bengals QB Andy Dalton back under center:

“Most of our stuff we have studied has been with him in because he is back playing in this game. They have a lot of similarities to the LA Rams offense because obviously, their coach came over, and when you put on the film, you see some of the similar schematics, similar schemes and similar concepts. Most of the films we have watched is with him in the game because we have played against him for a bunch of years, we know how he plays and we know how he can make throws.”


C JC Tretter:

On playing through pain and preparing for Cincinnati on Sunday:

“I think I will be alright. I think not similar to last year, but whenever bumps and dings happen, you meet with training staff and you set a plan and stick to that plan of making sure you get right by Sunday. I think we have a good plan again, give it some rest, make sure I do what I need to do during the week of practice and then be ready to go on Sunday.”


On if being a veteran helps him deal with having to play through pain:
“Yeah, I think as you get older, you know what your body needs and then you also know what your mind needs. You know what reps you need, what looks you need to see and then I have a great relationship with Campy (offensive line coach James Campen) where I can work with him and make sure I get the reps that I want to look at and get actual, physical reps and not have to take all of them. That is all part of it as you get older. You just get a better feel for what you need.”


On RB Kareem Hunt since returning to the team and Hunt sharing reps with RB Nick Chubb:

“I think it has been great with the two of them. I think you see the first week he comes back, he was the lead blocker for a lot of it and it was a huge part of our gameplan and just being able to move around. Both of them are so widely skilled and can do so many different things, it is actually kind of fun just knowing that we can find different ways of getting him the ball and use the playmakers to make plays for us. Kareem has done a great job and Nick has done a great job of just doing whatever the team asks of them.”


On if how much more the Browns can do in the run game next year if both Hunt and Chubb are back together:
“I think you continue to see the packages grow and the creativity grow of exactly what we can do so I think that just continues to go as time goes on. I think our entire offseason of kind of having that feel and being able to dial things up would only help our team.”


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