WR Odell Beckham Jr. (9.30.21)

On if when he believes he will have his legs fully under him, based on his postgame comments:

“I do not know. I do not know how to answer that. It is just one of those things you can’t emulate game speed. I am just looking forward to this week, a new opportunity and new game. We will see.”


On how long it took him to recover after last week’s game against the Bears:

“Get a good night’s sleep, come back to work the next day and just keep it going.”


On how much emotional exhaustion he faced compared to the physical exhaustion of last week’s game:

“I am sure that is what I meant. I have been training hard. I am in great shape so I am sure it is not so much physical my legs underneath as much it is emotions. Like I told you, it has been a long time to get back on that field, and you run out, you feel the love, your family is there and you are just excited. I am sure it was more that than the actual physical.”


On evaluating his performance against the Bears:

“I like that I just played. I never got too high and never got too low. There are obviously plenty of things I can work on and clean up. That is what we do. We come here, we watch the film, reevaluate ourselves, see what can get better and you work on that for the week.”


On QB Baker Mayfield potentially looking to hit him for a ‘homerun ball’ last week:

“It is just the gameplan we have. There are plays in there where we will have opportunities throughout the year, and I am sure that we will hit them. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, just make the most of it.”