WR Odell Beckham Jr. (10.8.20)

WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On being used in various ways in the Browns offense by catching passes, running the ball and blocking when contributing to a win on Sunday:

“Obviously, that is something that I would love to continue to do. That is something that for me was always in the gameplan. It is just the way that I played football. Freshman year in college, run blocking, catching passes, and punt and kick return. I just love football. Anyway that I can help this team win, that is what I am here to do.”


On if Sunday’s game felt like a ‘please allow me to reintroduce myself’ moment:

“No, for me, I have just been waiting. I have just been waiting. I know what I am capable of doing any given time I am on the field, but I think I did a jump on one of the coaches using that exact line just in case for the ones that are out there that love to hate so. Again, that is something I never really worry about. I know what I can do. I know what I am capable of. Like I said, just trying to find ways to keep this train rolling.”


On if he would agree with WR Jarvis Landry’s comment the last time he was this content and healthy and focused was in college:

“I probably agree with that. Coming from college into the league, it is just a completely different life. I feel like college was an intro, and this is like right before the social media era and all that stuff. It is just a different day and age now, and I think that this is probably one of the best spots I have been in.”


On if he feels significantly different from last year both health-wise and speed-wise:

“Way different. I had to really strain heavy last year. Even on that last touchdown, I had not really ran much in the fourth quarter. We were up by so many, I was really just chilling. It felt like because of the way my hamstrings was feeling tight and all this, I did not want to run any faster than I needed to. I am definitely stronger, faster this year than I was last year. I am just all around healthier.”


On the relationship he has developed with Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and Stefanski understanding him and his goals:

“I think it has just been since Day 1, coming in and even in the virtual offseason or whatever it was, developing that relationship. Speaking last week, speaking each and every day or every other day or whenever we have those conversations just to be able to understand what someone else wants, alongside with me and what he wants for players or what he wants as a head coach. Just being able to understand the people that you are here giving your day to, it goes a long way. There is a great line of communication there. I feel like it is always an open door. We can say things and there are never any hard feelings because we know where each other’s heart is at, and we just want to work and we want to be great. I would definitely that is a great relationship and just look forward to keeping that going.”


On if he feels heard and appreciated by Stefanski:

“I am not saying I have not felt heard or appreciated in my past. I am just talking about this situation specifically. Yeah, I feel like we can see eye to eye, and especially when it comes to football, we have the same common goal.”


On how close he was to being tackled on the reverse:

“Yeah, I just remember I caught the reverse, and (Cowboys DE) Aldon (Smith) was just right there. Just knowing if I get around him that I would have space, and I was running up the field and I see people just flying to the sideline because it seemed like I kind of faked like I was going to go out of bounds or slide or do whatever and they just flooded to the sideline, and I made that one cut and I just knew that it was over. It was definitely a play that could have went backwards. It might not have been a bad thing and we would have kept the clock rolling, but I was just happy I was able to get around.”


On the feeling when he gets into open space and if that is one of his favorite parts of football:

“Yeah, that to me is part of the reason why I fell in love with the game. I remember where I grew up, we called it ‘throw ‘em up bust ‘em up.’ It was like every man for himself. You are trying to score. It would be like 20 of us, and if you get tackled, you have to throw the ball up. It just was a game that I learned how to feel good with the ball in my hand and a bunch of people chasing you. On that play I had, it was like a kick return. I had a bunch of lead blockers. Just happy we were able to put the game way right there.”


On if he feels like he may have to take on a bigger role with RB Nick Chubb out due to injury:

“Whatever it is, I have to do. I doubt I am getting in that backfield and running between the center and the guard, though, I can tell you that. I am about down for everything else but that. I will save that for Chubb, (RB) Kareem (Hunt) and all those other guys. I do not think I am built for that.”


On Landry joking about being sore after throwing the TD pass and if he has a TD throw to Landry in him and if also would be sore after it:

“Only time will tell, but it is just funny because he comes in the meeting room and I think he actually is a little sore and his lat was a little tight. Seeing the comments and when that word gets spread around… First of all, he threw a dime, but he threw it hard. Make sure that we have to get that worked out and get that shoulder and that lat massaged.”

On if he hopes to return the favor to Landry with a TD pass:

“Of course, that is always the dream, but it is really whatever is in the play calls and whatever we have in the gameplan. I joked with him that day I said, ‘I still have one more touchdown pass than you.’ We will see later down the line what happens.”


On his reaction to Patriots QB Cam Newton testing positive for COVID-19 and if he has reached out to him, given their relationship:

“Yeah, I definitely tried to reach out to him, and I am putting him on blast – he did not answer the phone. I can understand in this time and situation. I am sure everybody else is hitting him so I kind of tried to wait until it chilled out. You just want to check on him. That is my guy. We trained real hard this offseason. We were in L.A. Just getting the opportunity to kick it with him for the first time really. I feel like I have always been a fan of him and watched him and his game so just getting to see him, see how he works and see how he is as a person and not what he has been made to be or anything like that, it was pretty cool. That definitely hit close to home. Praying for him. Praying for him and his family. I know he has a few kids. Just wish him a speedy recovery and hoping that he stays safe and returns to football as soon as possible.”


On why the 3-1 start feels so ‘legitimate’:

“I think because it is. You look at the games that we won, and it was not like it was a fluke. You look at the game we lost and you think about the situation and, like I said, toss it up to a first game mulligan. Also, that is an incredible team that we got beat by and we were not as prepared, and I think that was an awakening for us. Ever since then, the mistakes that we made during that game, we have been able to correct them and eliminate those in the games following that and just learned from it and keep continuing to grow. Again, it is still always a day at a time approach. The 3-1 record, I still look at it as we are 0-0 and the goal is to be 1-0 each and every day. If by the end of the week, you can be 1-0, then it just resets and starts over. It is always going to keep continuing to be the day-to-day process and just continuing to win the day. I think that is the goal for us right now, Keep the blinders on and keep running our race.”


On if he was hoping to win AFC Offensive Player of the Week and what else he may need to do in order to receive the accolade:

“To me, it does not really matter. I do not think when you look back in 20 years, you will be like, ‘Oh, yeah, Week 4 of 2020, you won Offensive Player of the Week.’ Not to say these accomplishments mean nothing, but I am here for the long-term goal and the long-term picture. I want to win championships. I want to be able to look back on my career and leave the legacy that I wanted to leave. Maybe score two more times, and I might have won it. Other than that, I do not really know.”

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