WR Odell Beckham Jr. (10.7.21)

On what QB Baker Mayfield has shown by playing through a shoulder injury:

“Just toughness. It is what you would expect out of him. He is not going to sit there and complain about it and do all of these other things. He is just going to go out and play. I know it is unfortunate, but it is what it is.”


On if Mayfield’s injury is affecting accuracy:

“I do not know. Maybe you can ask him.”


On how necessary it is to play through pain and injuries in the NFL and knowing the risks going forward:

“It is what you signed up for. It is what I worked hard to come back from. I just feel like I finally have that love for the game again. It is not really so much of a risk. Anytime you step out on that field, anything could happen. You kind of know when you were younger what you signed up for so I do not really look at it that way, but I just enjoy the opportunity to be back on the football field again, I will not lie to you.”


On how he has felt each of the last two Mondays following games:

“Pretty good to be honest. It is just kind of like, the first game I played 52 plays and the next game I played 62 plays, and as the game went on, I started to feel more and more in shape and my legs starting to come back underneath me. It is only the second game after a long time of being out so I actually do not feel too bad.”


On what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ to improve communication and timing with Mayfield:

“Film. We watch the film. We talk about it. I talked to him after the game. I talked to him Monday after meetings. Played (Call of) Duty with him on Tuesday (laughter). We talk all of the time you know. Anybody who is great and expects greatness out of themselves is going to be upset when they miss an opportunity. He wants to be great. I want to be great. Yeah, we want perfection. We want the best, but it happens.”