WR Odell Beckham Jr. (10.1.20)

WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

On WR Jarvis Landry playing in his 100th consecutive career game this Sunday: 

“It is definitely an accomplishment. He puts a lot of time and effort into his body to be able to be out there and play those games. At the same time, I do not know how much of a milestone it is. We kind of expected it. We always talk about playing until the wheels fall off. I just tell him to keep stacking them up and keep stacking up the accomplishments.”

On how satisfying his catches were in the Washington game, given they all resulted in first downs, particularly the catch to convert on third-and-12: 

“Just doing my job. I feel like if you go back and look at the catches throughout my career, you could put a highlight tape together of third downs and first down catches. I am just really doing my job.”

On how much gratification he gets from making a play like knocking down the near interception last week: 

“I take pride in… I do not really know in my career if the ball has just been intercepted on me, unless there was something really just out of my control and it was not around to make a play. I take a lot of pride in it. They always say it is our ball and no one’s, but really when it is thrown to me, it is mine or it is the ground’s. That is always going to be the goal.”

On if his emotions are different playing the Cowboys this week, considering his history against them with the NY Giants and performances against them: 

“No, I do not have any old rivalry or anything for them. Actually, all of my family grew up in Texas so they are all huge Cowboy fans. It has always been kind of a funny story with them as far as being in New York and them being in Dallas. I do not have any animosity, hate or rivalry with them.”

On if he has talked to QB Baker Mayfield or DE Myles Garrett about the significance of this being a homecoming game for them: 

“I guess not. I actually have not even thought about it. This is Myles’ fourth in the league, and Baker, this would be his third. I never even thought about the fact that they have not played at the Cowboys’ stadium and all that. I am sure it is going to be very exciting for them. Both of them being from there will want to come out and put on a show.”

On if he appreciated Mayfield telling WR Jarvis Landry and him to ‘be patient’ after the TD pass to TE Harrison Bryant last week: 

“To be honest, there is so much stuff that goes on in the game, I can’t even remember it, but yeah, it is just football, being a leader and doing what he does.”

On if the Browns can get the pass offense going against the Cowboys, given the Seahawks were able to produce several big plays last week: 

“Honestly, I could not tell you. One team could give it up one week and give up nothing the next week. It is just whatever is in the gameplan, I am going to just do my job and make sure that we find ways to execute.”

On if it is special playing in AT&T Stadium, given the stage presented at the stadium: 

“Absolutely, it is amazing. I have not seen the new L.A. stadium, and I have seen the new Atlanta stadium. This is just one of those ones where I feel like those stadiums kind of took a little bit of that atmosphere. It is just an incredible environment, a beautiful place. Always excited to be able to play there.”

On the current state of the Browns passing game, given the running game has been prevalent in the first three weeks: 

“I think we are just finding ways to win right now to be honest. It is like you play basketball and someone is right-handed and you can’t force them to go left. Why would you even go left? That is what I always say. We are just doing what works right now and what is getting us wins.”

On if he is looking forward to seeing Cowboys wide receivers coach Adam Henry, who coached him and Landry at LSU and with the Browns: 

“Always. That has been my guy since college so it will be cool to reunite with him. I think my mom and my girl are going to go up there and maybe go out to eat with him or something like that so I am sure they will get to see him probably more than I will.”

On if there is the more in the Browns passing game to be seen, including if this week’s matchup becomes an offensive shootout:

“It is always there. It is just about whatever they give us, we will take. I said it last year and I will say it again this year, the goal is going to be for (RB Nick) Chubb to be the No. 1 rusher in the league, and he was close last year. To see him right there in that top-five spot again, we just know that we are doing things right. Whatever it takes for us to win in this moment.”

On if playing an opponent with multiple talented WRs adds to the need to produce in a competition of top WRs:

“No, not really. You kind of just watch on the other side, and I watch as a fan and as an admirer. I watch those guys and try and take a little bit from each and every one of their games. Our gameplan is going to be what our gameplan is. Whatever that is, the goal is always going to be to win. I do not really sit back and watch and worry about what other people are doing or how they are getting it or anything like that. Like I have been saying for the longest, just taking it a day at a time and just keep pushing.”

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