WR Michael Woods II (8.30.22)


On returning to practice today:

“It was great. This is why I am here. I just have a lot of fun when I am on the field. Of course, when I am out, as a competitor I hate it and hate being out. It was definitely great to get back on the field and see everybody back on the team. It was a great day.”


On how he sustained the hamstring injury, how he worked to develop while unable to practice and if he was concerned that the hamstring injury might keep him from making the Browns 53-man roster:

“It was just a light hamstring strain. I had confidence. I did not think it was going to mess me up as a player or anything like that. Missing all of that time, it is a time to turn up the game mentally. I got a lot of time to stay in the playbook, did some studying Carolina and things like that. Just trying to find ways to maximize the time that you have.”


On if he believes not being on the practice field set him back at all:

“I think that being available during that time would have helped me tremendously in terms of technique and things like that, but I think it helped me tremendously in terms of the mental game and being able to be one step ahead of everybody out there.”


On conversations with coaches and personnel in terms of preventing him from being discouraged while battling the hamstring injury:

“There is a lot of help in this building. We have therapists ready for people, We have even the people that work for us – our trainers and our equipment staff – they are very helpful , mindful and whatnot. The talk was just getting me back healthy and making sure my mental was good to attack this long season.”


On if coaches were providing encouragement while battling the hamstring injury, including potentially as it related to a roster spot:

“It was pretty much day by day when I am injured. Just take it day by day and try to get better every day. That is pretty much what it came down to.”


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