WR Jarvis Landry, DT Sheldon Richardson, LB Joe Schobert, C JC Tretter and DE Olivier Vernon (9.26.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • WR Jarvis Landry
  • DT Sheldon Richardson
  • LB Joe Schobert
  • C JC Tretter
  • DE Olivier Vernon


WR Jarvis Landry:

On if the Browns offense is close to where it wants to be now:

“Yeah, I hope so. We are just trying to put it all together and play a complete game. Special teams played well last game. Defense played great. Offense, we did great things. Obviously, we had four opportunities there at the end, and we just could not quite finish it. At the same time, we can take a lot from that game and learn a lot. We learned a lot from that, and hopefully, we can put it together this game.”


On what specifically the Browns learned from the final series on Sunday:

“First of all, execution. We want to find plays that we are comfortable with that we practice and just go out there and execute. We had opportunities, and we just have to find a way to make the plays.”


On QB Baker Mayfield saying he will have nightmares about missing him on third down:

“This is still the beginning of the season. Things happen. We learn from things. Everybody feels responsible for the loss. We are a team. One person should not be able to take blame or feel like it is solely on them. It is something about the characteristics about the guys that we have in here to put that onus on themselves and that responsibility.”


On Mayfield having time to only make one read on the goal line series:

“It  is tough. Guys zeroed on a couple of looks so the ball had to get out.”


On his reaction of frustration after the third down incompletion and if he thought he may have had a TD:

“Yeah, of course. It was not just frustration. It was just we had a shot right there.”


DT Sheldon Richardson:

On the biggest challenge facing Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“His feet. Pretty simple. Baby (former NFL QB Michael) Vick, but he is right-handed. That is about it.”


On if the Browns have to rush a dual-threat QB like Jackson differently than other QBs:

“He is quicker to get out the pocket than the next quarterback we have been facing or than (Titans QB Marcus) Mariota would. Somewhat similar gameplan. Other than that, we have to pop the top, close the top off with the speed receivers they have. Other than that, honestly, still have to get to him. Have to get him.”


On preparing for Jackson during practice:

“Put fast people at quarterback. Chase him around until you get tired. Drill is over.”


On how Ravens RB Mark Ingram II complements Jackson:

“He definitively does. They have a nice system over there for that for Lamar, actually. Downhill runners, strong. Their offensive line is very, very physical. Safely denying their double teams and running the ball honestly. We have our work cut out for us. This is a big task for us.”


LB Joe Schobert:

On if the Browns reviewed film from last year’s season finale at Baltimore, given the defense’s success last year:

“Not really because we look at the tape in terms of what they are doing but not really what we are doing with a totally different scheme and different attitude on defense. No, not too much.”


On Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“He is a quick, shifty athlete. I think you have not seen somebody like this in the NFL since (former NFL QB) Michael Vick when he was younger. He gets out of a lot of tackles, he breaks a lot of tackles and he does not take very many big hits. I think this year he has been distributing the ball well so he is finding his game out.”


On Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman working with former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick:

“It is just the schematics. They do the same thing. You can just see how our defenses and schemes have played against that kind of stuff. I think Colin Kaepernick and Lamar Jackson are two different kind of athletes at the same time. Colin Kaepernick was a long-strider, extremely fast, but Lamar is so shifty. He is more like of a running back when he starts running the ball. There is a little bit of difference there.”


On the Ravens using all three of their TEs frequently:
“They do a good job of mixing up their personnel and building formations out of those personnel to look like different stuff to try to get advantages in matchups. You just have to be keyed in to where they are aligning at and what they like to do when they get set in those sort of sets.”


C JC Tretter:

On Baltimore’s front seven:

“I think they have an aggressive style and they have a lot of talent. Even with the guys they lost, they have a bunch more coming in. Having the two big guys in the middle that can push the pocket, as well as stop the run, makes it tough for the interior and then they have two good rushers outside, as well as talented linebackers.”


On the importance of the division game against the Ravens:

“Division games are always not more important but they count for more. They almost count for two games so that is important, but every game is important for the season. I would not say this is anything we have circled, but this is the next game so it is the most important game at this point.”


On if there is any unfinished business from last season’s finale:
“No. I think we always want to win the game. We wanted to win last year, and we were not able to pull it out. Now, this is a new year and new team, on both sides. Now, it is about going out there and executing.”


On if he is glad he does not have to tackle Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“Yeah, that makes my job easier not having to deal with that. Very talented, very talented player, though.”


DE Olivier Vernon:

On challenges facing Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

“He is a phenomenal athlete. His speed, change in direction. Our main focus is going to be to containing him, working together as a defense and being able to just stop him and force him to make plays that are uncomfortable to him that will help us out.”


On preparing to face Jackson in practice:

“You are not going to be able to replicate it as much as you would like to, but as far as everyone knowing their responsibility and knowing their job they have to do to contain him, that is the biggest part and the biggest thing we have to do – the biggest challenge. The challenge for us is to force him to be uncomfortable and make throws he does not want to make.”


On trying to contain a player like Jackson:

“It is basically being disciplined, knowing the angles and knowing where your teammates are coming from, but he has a tendency to make people miss, make a lot of people miss. That is just credit to him. He is a great athlete. He has been doing some great things these past few weeks, and it is going to be a challenge for us.”


On how Jackson has improved since entering the NFL:

“His gameplay should speak for itself right now. He is making throws, making deep throws and connecting with his receivers. It is like he is coming into his own right now so it is going to be a big challenge for us. We are going to have to go in there in a hostile environment and win a game.”


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