WR Jarvis Landry (9.24.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On if the Browns offense received a confidence boost from last week’s win:

“It was a step in the right direction for us. I think as a team, we played really well. There are things that we have to correct. There are things that we have to fix. There are opportunities that we missed for sure, but I think overall, we played a pretty solid football game.”

On how the Browns running game helps the passing game and the importance of having balance on offense:

“It is very important. It is extremely important making sure those guys get their touches in the backfield. It creates a lot of room and a lot of space for us on the outside once those guys get going, we can set up the play-action fake and do certain things on first and second down, which are typically run downs, and find ways to make plays down the field. Obviously, all of that comes from the running game.”

On having RBs Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb as a tandem:

“It is really the key to our offense. I think we all know what those two guys can do when a ball is in their hands. The opportunities that they have been given, they have done the most with it. For us again, just continuing to know that the offense is going to run through those guys and we have two weapons back there that pretty much can do the same thing. It is great for our offense to have two guys like that.”

On what is most impressive about the Washington defense:

“Their front. They have an amazing front. They added guys throughout the draft and throughout free agency, and a couple guys have been there throughout the years. They have maybe four or five first-rounders. Their front is something that is very impressive.”

On WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s performance against the Bengals and if that can help Beckham get going for the rest of the season:

“Yeah, those are plays that we have constantly seen him make throughout his career obviously here on the practice field and in the Cleveland Browns uniform. That is part of it is making sure that we get him going, as well, and making plays. I think for him, it is not a lack of confidence thing. It is just getting the opportunities to make plays, and when they are there, he is going to make them.”

On how the Browns can get all of their playmakers opportunities while understanding there may be games where each does not get a large number of targets or touches:

“We always are going to do what best fits or increases our chance of winning, whether that is running the ball, passing the football or having a true balance. The strength of our team right now has been our running game, and we want to continue to try to use that as much as possible, but I think we are smart enough to recognize when the ball needs to be in the air and not on the ground. We have a lot of unselfish guys in this building. That is what it is going to take when you have a lot of Pro Bowl-caliber players on one team to be unselfish and understand that when a ball comes your way, just take advantage of the opportunities, whether they be few or many. I think that the guys in this building recognize that and are aware of that.”

On if everyone on the Browns offense will be able to contribute to wins as desired as the season progresses:

“I believe so. Like I said, I think we are going to do whatever best fits our chances to win that week. Each week, it can change. Each week, it can be a little bit different. We have a great staff that can recognize that and understand the positions that we need to be in for how we are going to attack defenses on the ground or in the air and kind of go from there. I do not think anybody is panicking right now about targets or anything like that. Our main focus is just trying to win games.”

On how he feels physically after two games, following his offseason surgery:

“I am still working through things. I am still working through things and giving it my best, giving it my all when I am out there. Obviously, whatever my100 percent is on Sunday, that is what I am giving. Just for me, continuing to stay on top of the little things. Coming up about seven months or seven and a half months out of surgery right now so the further I get away from surgery, the better I begin to feel. That is just one of those things that whatever comes up, I just have to figure out a way to try to fix and approach Sunday. Like I said, wherever I am on Sunday, that is just where I am and just go out there and give it my best.”

On if the Browns helped further establish their offensive identity during the Bengals game:

“Yeah, I think we are onto something. Obviously, with the limited amount of practices that we have had and not having a preseason, there are still a lot of things that we still are working out, working through and trying to figure out about ourselves. I will say again, I think the coaching staff recognizes and the players recognize what we have to do to make sure that we are in the best position that we win each game. Over time, that experience and those reps – those live game reps – are going to continue to form our identity. Hopefully, we find it, catch a stride and put some games together, a couple wins together and see where it goes from there.”

On how much time in practice is devoted to executing the first 15 offensive plays:

“You never really know. We never really know what the top-15 or top 20-30 plays are going to look like. That is all in the coaching staff’s hands. We go out here on the practice field, and we are running plays and we are executing them, but that does not mean that they are going to even make the top 15. They might be plays for the second quarter or might be plays for the second half so we never really know up until about Saturday what we are going to do as far as top-15 wise. There are a lot of plays that look good. There are always a lot of plays that look good, but in the top 15, a lot of teams have tendencies, and there are certain plays that we want to get to early on in the game that we may or may not ever get back to. For us, we just have to come out here on the practice field each and every day and try to execute every play to the highest level.”

On if the Browns offense’s opening script is written on Saturday:

“I am not part of that process so I do not really know for sure, but once we see it, it is on a Saturday. I am sure the coaching staff has a good idea about what they want to call throughout the first and second series already maybe, but again, we are still in mid-week of game planning so there are still a lot of things that are going in right now that we still have to practice to see how it looks versus the quality looks that we get out here on the field.”

On his reaction to the Kentucky grand jury’s announcement yesterday in the Breonna Taylor case:

“First, it is tragic. It is tragic how the system continues to fail and recognize… They see what is going on, but they fail to go about it the right way or bring justice to all that was involved. It is just a sad thing. I want to say that it comes by surprise, but it is not a surprise. It has been going on forever, and this continues to show us the problem that is here in America, honestly. We talked about a lot of things here in the Cleveland Brown organization from (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski to Dee and Jimmy Haslam. All the guys in this building, we have talked about a lot of things and how we can help in our community and how we can continue to raise awareness. It is always tough. It is always tough. It is very tough.”

On if yesterday’s news in the Taylor case can ‘strengthen everyone’s resolve to keep the fight going’:

“The fight will always continue. There is no doubt about that. Until the whole world recognizes and sees what is going on and stops turning an eye to it and stops just playing a part just because it is the trendy thing to do, I think that it will never get resolved. I think there are a lot of people out there that do not want to see it resolved and do not care if it does or does not get resolved, but there as so many people fighting for this. There are so many people that look like me that are out there fighting for this, and I know there are a lot of people that do not want to see change and do not want to see the necessary things happen for equality or for black minorities, period.”

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