WR Jarvis Landry (9.16.21)


On his 5-yard TD run being the toughest 5 yards he has ever traveled:

“Probably so, but it paid off so it is cool.”


On where his spin moves came from:

“I do not know. That is part of like the hits just absorbing and I channeled my (Saints RB) Alvin Kamara right there.”


On former Browns and current Texans QB Tyrod Taylor:

“He is an extremely hard worker. Humble as ever. Just a playmaker. That was a great teammate. Those are the three or four things I can think of right off of my head when someone says Tyrod Taylor.”


On the importance of Sunday’s game and not starting the season 0-2:

“It is the most important one – it is the next one. We are out here working and doing everything that we can to make sure that we are prepared, and then obviously, we go out there and compete for a chance to win.”


On how good of a job Head Coach Kevin Stefanski does turning the page to the next week for the team after a game:

“Extremely. He is the biggest part of our direction and what we are looking at and what we are thinking about. We came in here on Monday, looked at the film and were real critical of ourselves, the things that we did not do well and things that we did do well. Immediately, he said ‘Once you leave this building, you flip the switch and we are on to Houston.’ We had a day off, and we came back into the building and it was strictly about Houston.”


On the Browns offensive performance in Week 1 and if that foreshadows what is to come this season:

“I think the best part about it was getting off to a fast start. That is something that we have to continue to do is getting off to a great start and then obviously finding ways to finish. It is easier said than done, but at the same time, that is something if we can continue to stay on track with starting fast and being able to finish late, that is something that will be important to our team.”


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