WR Jarvis Landry (9.13.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the early mistakes and their consequences: 

“Overall today, we had three turnovers and eight penalties. A game where I think the time of possession was pretty close, but obviously, they are going to take up a lot of the clock just with their scheme and things like that. We went out there and we tried our best, but we have to find a way to get back to the drawing board in a short week and fix it.”

On the first half swing where there was a dropped pass, missed field goal and then Baltimore responded with a TD:

“All of those plays are tough plays, but there was still a lot of football left to be played. That was right before the half so there was still a lot of football left to be played. We can’t get down on each other when things go bad or things don’t work out. We just can encourage everybody to pick their head up. We regroup at halftime and then go out there and try to win the game. We still had a lot of game left so you can’t just base it off that.”

On it potentially being a close game if the Browns could have avoided a couple of early mistakes:

“You never know how it goes, but that is behind us. These things happen. We have to find ways to play through them. We are always going to be met with adversity. It is the game that we play. We just have to find ways to overcome them.”

On learning a new offense and not having the preseason to get a full feel for it:

“I believe we got a lot of the reps that we needed. Obviously, the more reps the better. Over time, we will continue to just improve on the little things. I think all the pieces that we need are in place. We just have to continue to make plays, cut out the mistakes and not beat ourselves in some instances.”

On how hard it is to have a tough loss to start the season:

“It is tough. This is a tough job. For us, we came out here, we tried our best and we gave it our all, but hats off to them. They played a really good, clean game. Usually, in this league, when you play a good, clean game, you win those games. Hats off to them. We have to find a way, again with a short week, to regroup and go after it.”

On having a rough opener in back-to-back years and what can be different for the Browns this year:

“We just have to continue to string together the practices, the plays or whatever it is. Now is not a time for us to start thinking about last season or thinking about anything else. We came, and we played our hardest. We didn’t win this one. We get an opportunity to play in a couple of days for another one. It is a long season. We can’t define everything by this first one.”

On the physicality the Ravens brought and how it impacted the Browns’ plan:

“I think for us, we just have to continue to make plays as an offense.”

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