WR Jarvis Landry (9.10.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On returning from hip surgery and how ready he feels heading into Week 1: 

“How much I will be as far as gameplan wise will be up to the coaches. I am still getting better. I am still improving, taking each and every day to work on the things that I need to work on to make sure that I am healthy out there and make sure that I can go out there and compete and help this team win games.”


On if he can tell a difference from how he felt last year: 

“I think it is just something that I am going to be dealing with. I think it is one of those things that the further out I get from surgery, the better I will continue to feel. Right now, I am just doing everything possible to be able to come out here, work as hard as I can each day and make sure I take care of my body.”

On how limiting his injury was last season: 

“I think for me the biggest thing was practice. I am a big firm believer in practice and getting those reps in practice out there with the guys and getting the looks and being comfortable with everything going into the game weeks. Obviously, once I stepped on the field on Sunday, I am not really worried about whatever I am going through. I am a football player, and these things happen. You have to play through injuries and you have to play through things. I embraced that last season. I am looking forward to having a season where I can actually be out there practicing more and not worried about an injury and be able to take the field on Sunday with a clear head and just going out there and make plays.”

On looking forward to the potential he and WR Odell Beckham Jr. have when they are both feeling 100 percent: 

“I definitely have been looking forward to it. It is something that gives us opportunities to make more plays and win more games. That is what we are looking to do here this season.”


On if he sees a difference in Beckham this season following his surgery: 

“Yeah, absolutely. I think being able to have the confidence that a guy like he has, to be able to come out here each and every day and use his gifts and not feel hindered or not feel restricted by anything that might be going on with his body. It is good to see him out here making plays dominating. That is really what I see from him so far.”

On the Browns’ new coaching staff: 

“Everybody that is in this building loves football. I think the emphasis has been on the details, about the game and about what we can do to be a better football team. I am bought in. I think whoever is leading us at whatever time, I am a firm believer of making sure that I am doing my job, making sure that I am out here competing and putting myself in a position to help the team win. I know that the coaching staff is going to do the same.”


On the concept that the Browns offense may rely on the run game more early on in the season and how the WRs may feel about blocking more: 

“First of all, I love to block. That is part of my game. That is part of who I am. Secondly, we are going to do whatever it takes to win, whether that is running passing or whatever it is. Whatever it takes to win, I am all for that.”

On if he has talked with Beckham about a sense of urgency to go out and make plays and wins happen this season: 

“We are constantly talking. We are constantly growing. We are constantly learning things about the game and trying to figure out what we do well and what we do best.  I think that is one of the biggest things for us is having that open line of communication, being able to talk to each other and being able to have the hard conversations. This is a game that throws a lot of challenges at you. I think the biggest thing for us is making sure that our communication level is at the point where it does not really matter what challenges we face or a team that we are going against, if we are on the same page, and we should have successful plays.”

On if he feels that this is the year to put it together and make a championship run: 

“I think every guy that has ever played, no matter how many seasons they played, they always think that this year is that year. I would not want anybody in this building that did not think that, as well, or on my previous teams. I think that is just the mindset in the 32 clubs that have the opportunity to go out there and play this game. Everybody wants to go and play in the Super Bowl, but you have to do the little things and go week by week with everything, and you will get there when you get there.”


On his emotions reaching Week 1, given the uncertainty in the offseason: 

“I am very excited. I am excited to get the opportunity to take the field and play the game that I love, coming off of the surgery and having the opportunity to get as healthy as I can. Like I said, that is an ongoing process for me right now, but it is a great feeling knowing that we have a game in a couple of days.”

On if he ever doubted the NFL season might not start on time: 

“I did not really think about it, honestly. I was in a tough part of my rehab at that point, and my whole focus was just making sure that I would be able to come back if there was a season. That is what my mindset was. It actually did me a favor and it got me a little bit more time, which is a good thing. That is just where my mind was.”


On what he learned from last season: 

“You constantly see that your roster or your team on paper still has to go out there and perform, that it is the ultimate team game and that is not going to just be the offensive guys that are making plays and winning the games. It is going to come down to defense, it going to come down to special teams and it is going to come down to having every guy, including the coaching staff, every player having great situational awareness being able to understand where we are in the game, what points we are in the game, whether we need to go for it on fourth down, etc. I think having those things be key in our success and our approach is something that we continue to take and learn from other teams and ourselves.”


On how much value he places on Sunday’s game being the opener against a divisional opponent: 

“This is a tough matchup. It is going to be a tough matchup. Those guys are who they are, and they have been that way for a while. For us, we just have to continue to keep our head in the right place and identify their strengths and their weaknesses, identify our strengths and weaknesses and then try to just make one more play than they do.”

On how different it has been under Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and how excited he is to play under Stefanski this season: 

“I am very excited. I keep going back to my rehab process and everything that I have been going through as of late. I have the opportunity to just be out here practicing, do training camp and do these days leading into a game. It is very exciting. Obviously, Coach Stefanski, having the opportunity to coach a game, make those calls, be on this level and to give us the direction that we need to go out there and try to win games each and every weekend.”

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