WR Jarvis Landry (7.28.21)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the team opening training camp today:

“Everybody is excited. Everybody is happy to be back. It is good to be back on the grass with the guys.”


On WR Odell Beckham Jr. returning to the field and how excited Beckham is to be fully back with the team after his season-ending injury:

“We are grateful to have him out here. To see him moving around, running around and stuff like that, we are looking forward to having him back.”


On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’s message to the team heading into the 2021 season as the team looks to build upon last year’s success:

“The message has been pretty simple. It is the same one it has been since the first day he got here – work. It is in the work. What we do is in the work. That is the same thing he has been telling us in every team meeting, all around the building and every sign that we see, that is one of the words that is on there.”


On if starting the 2021 season feels different than 2019, when there were also high expectations for the team entering the year:

“Bullets have not started flying yet. We are here in training camp. We are focusing on that. We are a long way away from the first game. Today is just Day 1.”


On if a team looking to take the step up from good to great is different than one trying to make the step up from the bottom to the middle or better:

“I think it is all hard. It is all hard. It is always hard to take those next steps. I think we have the group of guys who are going to challenge each other, who have the work ethic, who want to be great and who want to go to another level. That is something that our team has, but it is definitely hard. It is hard.”


On the most important thing the Browns need to accomplish during training camp:

“Just playing smart football. Practicing the right way. Continue to work on the things that we are good at. Continue to evolve and continue to develop. Just try to take the next step. That is what is in it for us.”


On how the Browns offense can build upon its success in the second year of the system:

“Just keep understanding who we are, our identity and how we are trying to get better. Obviously, it starts here in training camp. We took an evaluation of how we did last year. Whether it was penalties or whether it was turnovers, those are things that we can try to eliminate and take those numbers down a little bit, and it gives us a better chance to win some of the games that we may not have.”


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