WR Jarvis Landry (12.3.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the magnitude of Sunday’s game and if this type of significant game is what he desires as a football player: 

“Yeah, of course. It is going to be a battle, and it is part of it. We are excited for the challenge. Just go out there and try to come back to Cleveland with a W.”

On how much it means to be playing meaningful games at this point in the season for one of the first times in his career: 

“It is a great feeling. It is a great feeling. It has you itching, literally itching, to want more. We know that we have to take it one game at a time. Not that our position is set in stone but we still have to go out here and win games and play good football. I think we understand that. I understand that. We have just been working and putting in the work each and every day.”

On if the Browns still need to prove that they can beat upper echelon teams in the AFC and if the Titans present that type of opportunity: 

“Those guys have continued to make a name for themselves and built the type of team that is a playoff and championship-contending team every year. We definitely are going to have our hands full. Like I said early on, we are excited for the challenge. We are excited about the opportunity. I still feel and believe that our best football is going to be in these last couple of months, and it has to be. It is no secret, the best teams or the better teams are the teams that go on a run, and those runs start in November and December. We are excited about the matchup.”

On if his performance on Sunday was due to feeling healthier or the opportunity presenting itself: 

“It was a great combination of both. It was definitely a combination of the type of week being that it was a little bit different than it normally had been. We did a lot of things on air, and I just got an opportunity to just work on my craft and not worry about who is in front of me and not worry about making sure all of the other things and other variables that are out there. I was able to put together a great week of practice and then got the opportunities in the game.”

On QB Baker Mayfield’s development this season: 

“He is just continuing to grow each week and doing whatever it takes to win these games. We are taking care of the football as a team collectively. He is leading us. He is a big part of our success thus far, and where we want to go in the future, he is going to have to continue to play at a high level.”

On Mayfield saying the organization is a ‘night and day’ difference from Week 1 of last year to now and the biggest differences he has seen with the growth of the franchise: 

“I can’t answer that same question that same way. I do not know if I would have answered it that way. I think at the same time, too, I just think that the position that we are in now, who we are and the identity that we have as an offense and the identity that we have as a team – a smart, tough, accountable resilient team – those are the things that we live by, that is our mantra and those are the things that we hold ourselves to each and every day the standard. That is something that definitely is here that may or may not have been in the past that we have now.”

On if the Browns are a more focused team compared to last year: 

“We just continue to take each day as it comes. Everything is kind of unpredictable. Uncertain times, difficult times and everything is uncertain, and we just learn to just find a way. Our focus each week is honestly on the day. We never are really looking ahead and then we get to Sunday and our focus is on that day. That is what this team’s mindset is and that is how we are approaching it.”

On if there is a chance or need for big plays down the field to determine the outcome on Sunday, given the focus on the run game: 

“I think you look at both of our offenses, those plays are going to be made. They come with the game. They come from those guys being able to do what they do so well on each side. We will see. Hopefully, we will make one more play than they do to allow us to have one more score than they do. We will see.”

On the Browns offense’s success in the red zone, two-minute and four-minute offense and clock management: 

“Just being aware of the situation. Each week, we kind of do like around the league tape. (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) does a great job of putting around league tape up, and we see each week how teams either win games or lose games and vice versa, depending on how they handle the situation or how teams could have lost games depending on how they handle situations. We just try to learn from those things. Obviously, we put ourselves in those situations here at practice and try to do our best to score a touchdown, run the clock down, kick a field or the defense has to get a stop. It is putting ourselves in those situations and to be able to go out there and feel comfortable when the bullets are flying.”

On what Sunday’s game meant to him and if it gave him a confidence boost: 

“It is huge. It is huge. I feel like I am in a sense just getting started so I am excited. I hope with that more opportunities come. It challenges me obviously to continue to work hard, to continue to get my hands on the ball in practice and to continue to earn the trust of the coaches that have to be able to call these plays and put me in these type of situations for this team to make those type of plays. That is something that I am excited about and looking forward to.”

On all of his catches resulting in a first down or touchdown last week: 

“I did not know that, but yeah, that is awesome. That is awesome. Listen, that is what we need. That is part of the good football that we have coming up ahead. More of that.”


On his ability and mindset to be able to make contested catches like last week, along with Mayfield: 

“I think that day was just because it was my birthday (laughter). We have not really had an opportunity to throw the ball in the prior weeks to our Jacksonville game. We wanted to come out and kind of make a statement in the air. Baker is just trusting me and giving me opportunities, regardless of who is around or who he is throwing the ball to. Again, like I said, just coming down to me understanding that I have to make these plays for this team. In tough situations, a guy on my back or whatever it is, I have to make those type of plays, and that is what I want to continue to do.”

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