WR Jarvis Landry (12.26.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • WR Jarvis Landry


WR Jarvis Landry:

On how the Browns remain motivated to prepare and play the Bengals with no playoff implications and during a holiday week:

“We have another opportunity. That is what we are playing for. We are playing to go out there and compete to win.”


On the importance to continue playing this season despite dealing with injuries:

“I have not missed a game in my career. It is always important to me that the work that we have put in together collectively as a group that we owe it to each other. We owe it to each other to go out there one last time for this season and compete to win.”


On how challenging  this season been from a physical standpoint:

“It has definitely been a battle, but I think doing the right things throughout the week has allowed me to get to Sunday and just give the best that I have.”


On if this Pro Bowl season means more than the previous ones because he played through an injury:

“Ultimately, I want to be in the Super Bowl. I do not really every truly plan to make a Pro Bowl or to be a part of a Pro Bowl, but it is an honor that obviously is on every player’s checklist or accomplishment. To add another one, it definitely feels good, but I wish I could substitute it for a Super Bowl.”