WR Jarvis Landry (12.24.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On what the NFL said about his taunting penalty: 

“I actually have not heard back from them nor have I got the letter in my locker or emailed to me or anything. As of now, I still have no answer.”

On if it was disappointing to not make the Pro Bowl: 

“Yeah, in a sense, but again, I always saw the Pro Bowl as being something that not going to the Super Bowl or being able to play in that game that the Pro Bowl is kind of like the next best thing. The guys who won it, who are going to be a part of the Pro Bowl and were selected, cheers to them.”

On practices and team meetings this week with two weeks to play and being in the playoff hunt: 

“It is still the same. Our focus is on this game and this game only. The biggest thing that I continue to see each and every week is that nobody is satisfied in this building. Everybody is continually trying to get better, coming in and working as hard as they can and not feeling a sense of entitlement or are too proud of what we have done because we still have room to grow and things to do.”

On WR Rashard Higgins’ development and performance this season after overcoming adversity early in he year: 

“He is a true pro. He is one of these guys that you want to have on the team. He is one of those guys whether he is coming in as the fourth receiver or the third receiver that he is going to come in and make plays for your team and you have to respect him, whether he is a guy that is on the field and can play like a No. 1 receiver. That is something to his credit that he has always had that pro mindset. That is showing on the field every Sunday.”

On if showing No. 1 and No. 3 after his TD against the NY Giants was a tribute to WR Odell Beckham Jr.: 


On if Beckham saw the tribute: 


On what Beckham said about the gesture: 

“He loved it. He loved it. Especially against that team and that we got the W against his former team and that we got the W. All smiles from him. Good spirits.”

On how satisfying it was to score a TD and pay respect to Beckham when playing Beckham’s former team: 

“A part of this entire season since he went down is we are playing for him, as well. We are playing for all of the things that we set out as a team in the beginning when this thing first started. He is a Cleveland Brown. When we have success, he is a part of it, regardless of if he is here or not. He knows that, and he is cheering us on from afar and doing the things that he needs to do to be able to get back here next year.”

On if he has ever moved around pre-snap as much as he did last week: 

“Yeah, a little bit. A little bit ironically when I was in (NY Jets Head Coach) Adam (Gase)’s offense and being able to draw some attention, make other things happen, make other players go and get the ball behind the line of scrimmage a little bit. Yeah, a little bit.”

On if he enjoys being used in pre-snap motion and how that impacts an opposing defense: 

“I do enjoy it. I think it affects the defense in a big way. It gives them something totally different to respect, something totally different that they may have not seen or were able to prepare for because we are always doing things based on the week. I think it is a big advantage for us, but we still have to be detailed in doing that to be able to make those plays work.”

On if he has been getting tips from QB Baker Mayfield on the hard count, given he did it last week: 

“I never get nervous, but I kind of got a little nervous going under center in that game. Thank God the time ran out. Every Saturday, we do our walkthroughs and I am like the backup-backup quarterback, the emergency quarterback so I get my four plays every Saturday that I honestly live for and these guys live for. We have fun with it, but we had the opportunity to do it in the game. We will see what is in store.”

On the biggest reasons for Mayfield’s recent success: 

“It is the same things. He continues to work hard. He continues to never be satisfied. It is all of a lot of the same things. When you put all those qualities together – when you love what you do, you are passionate about what you do and you get everybody around you believing – this is what you get. He has done that very well.”

On his state of mind this holiday season: 

“It is definitely different from last year, but at the same time, too, I am just grateful and I am just blessed. We all are to be able to see another Christmas Eve and hopefully another Christmas tomorrow, knock on wood, and to be grateful for the people in our lives and the situation that we are in and being able to do what we love to do. That is part of it all, too. Not to harp on too much about last year, but this year has definitely been an exciting time in my career and in my life to see how much promise is in front of us for the future. Just excited to be a part of it and do my little part.”

On is he has a sense for how much joy the team is bringing to Browns fans and the City of Cleveland: 

“Yeah, I wish the times were not like they were and things were going the way are because this is part of it, too. The fans, the city and Browns fans all over the world, this is part of it too to be able to share this glory, these victories, the success and the promising future that it looks like we have right now to a city that deserves it, to people that deserve it, fans that deserve in and our organization that deserves it. It is a beautiful thing. Like I said, I am just happy to be able to do my little small part, whatever that is, into making that go.”

On the biggest difference in the NY Jets defense without former NY Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams calling plays: 

“They simplified things a little bit more, but they are still doing a lot of the similar stuff that they were doing when Gregg was there. We kind of are just preparing and playing – obviously, Gregg is not calling the plays – but understanding that the defense is going to be real similar.”

On T Jedrick Wills Jr. through the first 14 games:

“He just keeps getting better every game. Every game, he keeps getting better. He keeps going. All of this comes with experience. Hopefully, we can get him back here in a couple of days to finish out his rookie campaign. He has been playing hard for us. He is one of the guys that we need and one of the guys that has been holding down that left side of the line this entire season. We are definitely going to need him.”

On Wills holiday event and contributions to families in need this week:

“He gets it. That is what I got from seeing all of the people from the Browns to himself to Bleacher Report and all of these people highlighted the things that he did. That is part of him understanding that he is more than just a football player and understanding his role in the community. He gets it, and I love that about him.”

On how happy is for Browns teammates like G Joel Bitonio, Higgins and LS Charley Hughlett who experienced a stretch of tough years, including going 1-31 over two seasons:

“I know I talked about (C) Nick Harris after the game, but those guys were some of the guys that went up to after the game, too. I just kind of stood there and I am staring at them, and like, ‘Can you believe it?’ There is something that again a part of this whole process and a part of since I have been here just realizing the things that these guys have went through. It is something that again I talk about the fans deserving it, but those guys and 1-31, you know how tough that is being that they worked so hard and knowing the type of players that they are. To be in this position now, it is definitely gratifying to see the smile on their faces and see that everything that they went through was no in vain. Now, we are in a different place, and hopefully, this is the standard from now on and they are going to be a part of it.”

On DE Myles Garrett battling through aftereffects of COVID-19:

“He continues to work hard. Even today, he was getting back to the quarterback and we are having to stop practice pretty much because he is so disruptive. That is part of who he is. He is a tough player, he loves the game of football, he loves this organization and he loves this community. That is something he has a lot of pride in. Him playing through whatever he is going through, it does not surprise me. Again, we are grateful to have a guy like that who is willing to put the team before himself in a sense, but mostly, we want him to be healthy to be able to help us.”

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