WR Jarvis Landry (12.20.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On QB Baker Mayfield’s performance tonight:

“He is a NFL player and a first-round draft pick. He plays at a high-level and always has. I keep saying that for us to get where we want to go and for us to win these games, it all starts there. He is a big part of everything that we are trying to do. He is playing lights out.”

On being called for a taunting penalty:

“I have no idea. I have no idea. I am sure we will find out about it on Monday or Tuesday when the report comes back from the league. I think I will have a better answer for you during the week or when we talk next week maybe.”

On how bad he felt when K Cody Parkey’s PAT attempt hit the upright following the taunting penalty:

“I immediately came off the field and (Head) Coach Kevin (Stefanski) pulled me to the side and talked to me. Instantly, I already knew once I saw the flag. I never want to put myself or the team in that situation. I did not think I did anything to deserve a flag. At the end of the day, they threw a flag. I even apologized to Cody for putting him in that type of situation. As a team guy, I never want to put myself above the team in that situation. It looks selfish. I owned up to it to the guys and to the coaching staff.”

On balancing his competitiveness throughout a game with the fieriness potentially crossing the line:

“Just not taking it overboard. A lot of times, you get a flag for being excessive, which again I have no idea [why I was called for taunting]. On Monday or Tuesday, we will find out what the ruling was, but I think for being excessive. Like you said, I try to toe the line, but a lot of my teammates feed off of that type of energy and that type of passion. Nothing I ever do is out of disrespect to my opponent. It is really for myself and for my team.”

On managing his multiple roles for the team:

“As we are continuing to grow these last couple of weeks throughout the season, that has become part of our identity. We use a lot of guys in our offense. A lot of guys are being successful in ways that help keep the defense off balance. With me being able to be in these motions, be in different alignments and drawing attention to myself allows me to be able to allow plays to work is something I take pride in. Seeing (RB Nick) Chubb run down the field, seeing Higgy (WR Rashaad Higgins) catch the ball or any of these guys make plays, that is part of the game and part of who we are trying to be.”

On the Browns reaching 10 win this season:

“It is very exciting, but I am looking forward to 11.”

On growth younger Browns players this season, including Higgins and WR Donovan Peoples-Jones:

“It is not shocking these guys are making the plays they make to me. That is not shocking that these guys are making theses plays. You look at Hig, a guy who has been through the test of time here in Cleveland. Not only that, but being in the situation that he has been in and being that third or fourth guy in the rotation and now really being one of the guys that has a prominent role in our offense and is making the plays that he is making is very exciting to see. Then you see DPJ, who is a rookie, who is playing like a guy that has been a part of the league for a while. It is very exciting. I know I speak a lot about Baker and him being the reason for our offense and our team to be able to get us where we need to go, but it is also about these other guys like Higs, DPJ, myself and (TE) Harrison Bryant; (TE) David Njoku made some great catches these last couple of weeks. Making those type of plays in those moments to be able to give fresh chains, get first downs and get into the red zone and to be able to call plays and keep the defense off balance, that is something that is very special that I notice. It gives me chills. Like I have been saying, our best football is ahead of us, and we are playing it. We are really playing it.”

On his reaction to T Chris Hubbard leaving the game to injury and C Nick Harris stepping up at RG:

“Listen, the first person I went to after the game – I know he is going to get interviewed after I say it this week – is him. Just giving him the praise and respect because he is a center. I do not know how much guard he has played in his life, but he stepped up, stepped in and did what he had to do. The offense continued to flow as is. That was something that was very special. I went to him after the game and told him, ‘I appreciate you. I appreciate the way you work. I appreciate the way that you can step into a role that you maybe weren’t prepared for and still be able to get the job done’. It speaks volumes about this kid. It speaks volumes about (Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager) Andrew Berry being able to draft this guy, who is as versatile as he is and can come in and make these plays and do the assignments that we need to have successful plays and win the football game.”

On if he has ever seen Harris play G in practice:

“Never. I promise you. I am an observer so I see this. Not that I go into panic when Hub goes down because it is like, ‘Who is the guard? We have a lot of tackles and depth at tackle, but not so much at guard.’ He comes in. Obviously, we win the game. It is like, ‘Wait, this rookie came in the first quarter, played the whole game and did what he had to do. He kicked ass.’ That is something that does not go unnoticed. I just wanted to let him know that personally that I was proud of the way he came out and did what he had to do for the team.”

On if he has any comment on Peters getting fined from last week’s incident:


On if he is going to allow himself to enjoy the win tonight:

“I am trying. I think that is a gift and a curse for me. As soon as the clock hits fourth quarter and all of the zeroes get up there, I am already on next week and I am already looking forward to gameplan for the week coming. That is the part of it that is a gift and a curse – I do not want to say that I hate – but the gift and the curse because I think to my teammates sometimes that I don’t really show emotion, even after wins. Ultimately, I am happy inside internally. I just want that to continue. I don’t ever what to get content or complacent with success. I have watched these guys work as hard as they work each and every day. I know that 11, 12, 13 or however many more it takes to be able to get that end goal is something I am excited for. I will celebrate then.”

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