WR Jarvis Landry (12.17.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the TV broadcast and social media posts showing Ravens CB Marcus Peters appear to spit in his direction during Monday night’s game: 

“I was not aware of it until after the game obviously, but he is a coward. I think he knew that maybe behind my back he could do things like that, but to my face, he would not. I take it for what it is worth. Now I know and everybody knows the type of player he is and the type of person he is, and just move on from there.”


On if he saw the video recently: 

“I saw the video after the game, which obviously losing the game and then after the game seeing that… Again, like I said, it is cowardly.”


On if he has a history with Peters: 

“We do not have a history. For some reason he seemed to have it out for myself and O (WR Odell Beckham Jr.). Whatever his beef is, I do not know, but that is what he wanted. He definitely got it.”


On if the pandemic and COVID-19 protocols in place add to the severity of Peters’ act: 

“I do not know. Like I said, I just think it was cowardly. It is cowardly. I do not think about it as protocol or anything like that. I think to wait until I turn around and do something like that, it is like do it to my face. Be a man about it if you are going to do something like that. I do not know about protocols, but it if there is a protocol for being a man, that sure is not it right there.”


On if Peters said anything to him during the game, if it was a hot battle between the two of them during the game and if there was trash talking: 

“We talked a little bit, but for the most part, it is again nothing that I lost sleep over it. At the end of the day, he took it to a disrespectful point. Again, like I said, we will see what happens from here.”


On facing NY Giants TEs coach Freddie Kitchens as a play caller this Sunday night: 

“We know what to expect from an offensive standpoint. He has experience. He knows how to call plays so they should do some things.”


On if he will give defensive coordinator Joe Woods any tips on about facing Kitchens: 

“Yeah, I think he has all of the film and he has (QB) Baker (Mayfield) in his back pocket, as well. I think that helps.”


On if he has seen a difference in Mayfield since the bye week, given Mayfield appears to be playing with swagger and confidence now: 

“Not saying that is a tough question, but one thing, like I have always said, is just his attitude, the way he approaches the game, the way that he comes to work and the way that he has handled his position being the most criticized position on the field, he has done a very good job of being here, being present and making the plays that are there to be made and trusting the guys on outside and trusting the coach staff to set up a great gameplan, which I know that they were working very transparent with each other about when developing the gameplan and watching it unfold throughout the week. He is executing at a high level. Like I said in previous weeks, we need that type of play from him to be able to get to where we want to go because it all starts there.”


On the NY Giants secondary: 

“They have a lot of smart guys. A former teammate of mine (NY Giants S Jabrill Peppers) back there, as well, who can make plays. A veteran at corner who you can consider a veteran at corner. Those guys play sound and play together. That is one of the things that you see about their team and about their defense. They definitely play sound and they play together.”


On if it was tough between him and Kitchens last season as the team didn’t meet expectations: 

“It definitely was a frustrating season for a lot of people. That is just kind of how NFL is. It is kind of how it works. Each game you go into, it is any given Sunday, anybody can beat you and you have to play your A game. I do not want to go back too much into to last year, but I just did not think that the season ended the way that anybody wanted it to.”


On if he welcomed the coaching change after last season: 

“I was not opposed to it. I can only do my job and trust that the staff and the organization are going to be able to put somebody in place, whether that continued to be Freddie or (Head) Coach Kevin (Stefanski) as it is now obviously, to make sure that we can get on the right track and be a winning football team.”


On if he would relish the potential opportunity to face Peters again in the playoffs: 

“I won’t lose sleep. I won’t lose sleep, but definitely going to make it another game to remember.”


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