WR Jarvis Landry (11.19.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On recording his 600th career reception on Sunday: 

“I did not even realize that I had accomplished that or hit that milestone. It definitely means a lot. It definitely means a lot to be in that category surrounded by those names that I am surrounded by. I am looking forward to continuing to make plays for this team and for my individual goals, as well.”

On if it is special that he is one of only three NFL players to record 600 receptions since he was drafted: 

“Yeah, there are a lot of guys who have played this game. Just to be recognized that way and accomplish what I have accomplished is definitely something that I will look back at the end of the season and maybe grab a drink or something for myself – have a drink (laughter).”

On if it is tougher to keep a one game at a time focus the later it gets in the season: 

“No, it is not. For us, we understand and know that is what it is going to take. It is going to be one game at a time. We can’t look forward. We can’t look behind us. That is what we are working towards every day, just putting one foot in front of the other and coming out here each and every day leading up to Sunday and taking it one game at a time.”

On if the ultimate goal is always in the back of his mind: 

“Yeah, the ultimate goal is always there. The ultimate goal has been there since you started playing this game since you were a child, and that is to win the Super Bowl. Like I said and like we talked about, it also is taking care of the things along the way and realizing we can’t look ahead.”

On adjustments made during bad weather games: 

“I think it comes with the game. It comes with this time of year, especially up north. You are going to get these games with this type of weather. You have to try your best to make the most out of those situations. Sometimes you Plan A is not that and you have to go into Plan B or C. Ultimately it is doing whatever it takes to win.”

On one specific way Head Coach Kevin Stefanski is different from all of the NFL head coaches he has had in his career: 

“I do not know. I think that each guy has their own personal one thing that makes them different and makes the unique. For me, being able to continue to develop a relationship with Kevin is something that maybe I did not really get a chance to do with a lot of other coaches.”

On developing a relationship with Stefanski while not being able to work together in-person as often: 

“Yeah, we see each other on the practice field. We see each other on Zoom calls. Whether we are texting each other on Monday or Tuesday about things on Sunday, just keeping the open dialogue and open conversation. That is part of the relationship as well.”

On if it is unusual to text with a head coach on Monday and Tuesday as he does with Stefanski: 

“I would think so. He is running the show.”


On if he kept the ball from his 600th career reception: 

“No, I wish. That is what I am saying. I wish. I guess that 600th came with a taunting penalty so I will always remember that being the catch instead of having a ball to show for it.”

***Note: Landry’s 600th career reception occurred in the third quarter rather than on the play cited above, as referenced later in the press conference***

On his taunting penalty against the Texans and if he wants it back: 

“Yeah. Yeah, the penalty and the ball.”

On what career milestones matter the most to him between his catch totals, games played and Pro Bowls: 

“I think they all coexist. I think the games played allows me to make the catches, and the games played on top of the catches allows me to make Pro Bowls and being a playmaker. I think they all coexist. They all are very special to me. I love catching the ball. I love playing this game. The Pro Bowl outside of a Super Bowl is the next best thing that a player can get. It definitely all coexists.”

On the toughest part about having virtual meetings rather than in-person meetings: 

“I think the benefit for us and maybe for most teams is being that the whole entire offseason was similar. It is easy to have Zoom calls. It is easy to be able to say, ‘Hop out of this meeting and go to another meeting,’ and it not having to take 10-15 minutes to be able to do it. I think this offseason allowed us to be able to be on point with those type of things. For us, we are just trying to do whatever is necessary to make sure that we are staying safe and then that we can come out here on the practice field and do what needs to be done.”

On if he finds himself taking more time to watch film and take more on independently this year: 

“I think it is pretty much the same. Just the balance of meeting together and then watching film together after practice or the next day or however it may be. I think the coaching staff does a great job of structuring the days where we can still be able to do that and not feel limited or feel rushed and then still be able to come out to install and practice.”

On the difference for the Browns offense when RB Nick Chubb is playing: 

“He is a big-play threat. He is a guy that is going to run the ball tough. He is going to get tough yards. He is not going to go down easy. That is something that everybody knows. That is what we expect. That is what he does. He delivers every time he touches the ball.”

On hosting the Jarvis Landry Thanksgiving Food Drive through his foundation and if he was disappointed that he was not able to attend the event: 

“I wish I could have been there. I wish I could have definitely been there but obviously, these times. I am so grateful for everybody that volunteered, everybody that helped out and everybody on my team and from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and the work that we did together to be able to go out into the community and do what we did. I am just so pleased with the turnout, minus the circumstances, that we still were able to make it work and that we still were able to make people’s day and make people’s holiday. That is something that is very special. That is something that is near and dear to my heart since I have been able to do things like this, whether it has been in Miami or it is Cleveland, wherever I am. I was just so happy that it turned out how it was supposed to.”

On if he is happy to learn that his 600th career reception was not on the play he was called for a taunting penalty: 

“Yeah. Actually, I had that ball in my hand. If that was the play, I had that ball in my hand and I went to the sideline because I came out of the game that play. If I would have known, I would have kept it. You should have been hollering from the stands or from a Zoom call or something so I could have kept the ball (laughter).”

On if the Browns offense has more to show in the pass game, given the team’s current pass game rankings and recent inclement weather games: 

“We are creating a balance. We see that from our run game right now. I think that is just how we talked about this in the beginning. Everything else is going to kind of live and breathe off of that. For us, we have to continue to stay ready. Beautiful days like this, we come out here at practice, and then we get a whole different type of atmosphere on gameday. We just have to be prepared. We just have to be ready to make plays. That is it.”

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