WR Jarvis Landry (11.12.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On how the bye week helped him with the rib injury: 

“It was much needed, not only for my body but for my mind and my spirits, as well. I know a lot of guys appreciated the bye when it came so it was good for us.” 


On takeaways from the Browns offense’s self-scout that can be corrected in the second half of the season: 

“I think if you look back just at the games that we fell short and did not win from the turnover battle to the penalty battle, those two things right there can and will get you beat consistently. Not too many teams can overcome that. I do not care who you are. That is one of the things that I know for sure that we all pay attention to. We did a lot of great things, as well. We look forward to doing those things better and then correcting the things that we did not do well.”

On how tough it has been for him after WR Odell Beckham Jr. sustained a season-ending injury and how Beckham is currently doing: 

“Every day that I come out here, I am still looking to the left and right hoping that he was out here. Just from there, just making sure that I am doing my part as a brother, as a friend being there for him and making sure that his spirits are continually lifted, along with his family and friends, as well. I am just praying for a speedy recovery. I just can’t wait to get him back out there on the field doing the things that he loves.”

On if he has put more on his shoulders and how the other Browns WRs have responded since the Cincinnati game: 

“I just try to do the right thing. I just try to do the right thing consistently and lead by example. Like you guys know, I rarely get vocal. When I do, obviously, I am heard because I do not speak much because I try to lead by example. I think all the guys in the room understand the urgency and that we are going to have to step up as a position group. Everybody acknowledges that and is ready for the challenge.”

On what the Browns learned in the Raiders game about playing in bad weather, given conditions could be tough again on Sunday: 

“It does not matter. For us, we can’t look at the weather. We can’t play into the weather, even though that may or may not be a factor. We just have to continue to just understand that things that get us beat are turning the football over and penalties. We have to find ways to protect the football in those conditions, whatever the conditions may be, but we still have to make plays, as well. We just have to figure that out on Sunday.”

On if he came close to missing his first NFL game with the rib injury: 

“No chance. No chance. I would not let that happen. It definitely was a battle for me, but that was part of the bye week, too, of being able to get my spirits in a better place and heal up and actually be able to come out here this week feeling a little bit better throughout my ribcage and things like that.”

On how bothered he has been by his recent dropped passes and if the rib injury played a factor:

“That is something that I realized even in the [Las Vegas] game. I had opportunities to make plays, and that is what I want. That is what we want as a team to be in those situations and make those type of plays, and I did not make them. I am very hard on myself. I took an evaluation of how I played games throughout this year and dropping passes and things like that. I am not content with ‘it comes with the game.’ I pride myself on being the guy that can make those catches all the time through any conditions, no matter the ball. If it is coming my way, it is a good ball.  For me, that is something that I have definitely looked at myself in the mirror about throughout this bye week and frankly every game.”

On if not having a TD yet this season is eating at him, as well: 

“It hurts my heart. It hurts my heart so bad, but I am still focused. I am focused. Again, I have to make those plays, and it will come. It will come.”

On how he processes a game that does not meet his high standards and moves forward from it: 

“Have to get back to work. I have to get back to work. I have to continue to do the small things. For me, it is not so much of just dropping a ball but also just realizing the amount of, I guess you could say, pressure that I put on myself to be in those situations and make those plays. When I do not, not only do I feel like I let everybody else down, I let myself down because I feel like I live for those moments. That is what it has been throughout my career. For me, I just have to move onto the next play, and when I get back to work on Monday or Tuesday or whatever it is, I am straight to the JUGS machine and I am straight to getting in those situations of having a guy distract me and making those catches and things like that, just to continue to train my body and my skill to be ready for those moments, if they ever come up again.”

On the Thanksgiving food drive he is coordinating through the Jarvis Landry Building Winnings Foundation: 

“It is a special time of the year. There are a lot of families and there are a lot of areas that do not have the needs or can really share the holiday the way that they want. Just to be a part of that and have the Cleveland Browns as a part of that and that my foundation working together to be able to change lives and help people during this time is something that is very special to me. Hopefully, just want to want to make people happy. That is it.”

On if he and Beckham have talked about the long-term goals they have together: 

“Honestly, a lot of our conversation has not been so much over reflectiveness and just has been about moving forward and about him healing up and going through this process and his journey right now and making sure that we all are there as friends, as fans and as his family to support him. That is what a lot of our conversation has been about.”

On how horrible he felt about Beckham’s season-ending injury and if he is able to put his emotions into words: 

“You can’t put it into words. I don’t really even know how to say anything because you hate to see somebody that works as hard as he works to go down the way that he went down. Now, he is kind of on this journey again. Like I said, I think the best thing that any of us can do right now is just continue to support him, continue to give him positive messages and continue to be there for him throughout this process.”

On how it feels to be 5-3 and in the playoff hunt at midseason: 

“It feels good. It feels good, but we are still hunting. There are opportunities there again in all these games that we have lost that we have had chances to do things and fell short. We also learn from them and have been able to bounce back pretty well. I am excited about our future, but we are taking this one game at a time as we hunt for obviously what is everybody’s end goal when they play this game.”

On if he feels like he is playing the season for himself and Beckham: 

“Absolutely. He would do anything to be out here on the field. The guys that are in this building from the coaching staff to the players that take the field with him, we all love the way that he worked. We all loved the leader that he was, the player that he is and the way that he made plays to help us win these football games because honestly, we could not have really done that without him. For us, we have to just continue to play for each other and play for him. He is a part of this. He is a part of this so that is definitely added motivation for sure.”

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