WR Jarvis Landry (10.8.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On how his arm is feeling, given he said he was a little sore after throwing the TD pass to WR Odell Beckham Jr.:

“It is actually feeling better today. I am not lying to you guys, I literally had like two of the worst days of my life with my lat. It was sore as hell.”


On putting a lot of energy into the TD pass to Beckham:

“Yeah, he would have been mad at me if I did not throw that ball so I had to make sure I got it up and down as quickly as possible.”


On why the 3-1 start feels so ‘legitimate’:

“We have done a lot of great things. Where we are in the turnover margin speaks for itself. Where we are in the run games speaks for itself. Points per game speaks for itself. All of these things are not by mistake. We go out here and we work hard each and every day, and we are understanding the pieces that we are trying to put together to make the run and win every week. It is tough, but we are doing the necessary things that we can do out here on the practice field.”


On how special it was to play in his 100th consecutive career game and throw Beckham’s 50th career TD reception:

“Yeah, the 100th game was an emotional thing for me, and then to cap it off throwing a touchdown rather than scoring a touchdown was almost perfect. We practiced this play over and over and over, and I just knew in my head no matter what, I am just throwing him the ball. Trusting and knowing that he is going to get open and make the catch and make the play. He talked about it after the game – I am sure a lot of you were on the call – when he talked about how we used to throw the football outside of  WCA (West Campus Apartments) at LSU. Those are like the little moments that you think back even like right now and you think back to. It is very special and different just going back from all the times that our friendship and brotherhood has been together with each other and having history made on that play together is something that is crazy. You can’t even put it into words. It is crazy.”


On Beckham getting involved in the game early and getting stronger as the game progressed:

“Yeah, that is part of the plan. It is about flow. I think what you are speaking about is flow. When you have a guy that wants to be involved, a guy that comes into work and works as hard as anybody and does his job day in and day out and having opportunities on a Sunday to make plays – obviously he does make plays – getting him going early as often as you can is going to be an advantage for us.”

On if he is concerned about the recent COVID-19 cases around the league:

“Yeah. First of all, everybody’s health is at risk and that is not something to play with. That is something that we all take very seriously. There are a lot of people involved, and we are praying for everybody. Outside of this building, it is kind of hard to know if everybody is doing the necessary things, but I know inside of this building, we are doing the necessary things to make sure we can play football because ultimately that is what we want to do. We are watching from afar. We are learning about other people’s mistakes or whatever it is that is going on in other places and trying not to let that happen here because we want to play football and we want to continue to go out there and come to work each and every day.”


On Beckham’s 50-yard TD run at Dallas:

“Greatness. Another play that you can’t even put into words at a moment like that at a time like that. It is always tough when you have a lead like we had and then a team comes back and you are still trying to protect the lead and call safe plays, and you find a way to get the ball in Odell’s hand, which should have been a 12-yard loss turns into a 50-yard touchdown in the opposite way in a blink of an eye. Listen, I have not seen plays like that in the NFL in a long time. Only special guys make those type of plays. He is very special. That is something that we are going to continue to need out of him for the rest of the season.”


On the Colts defense:

“They are a really good football team. They are a great organization. Obviously, a lot of history inside their organization. They do a lot of things well. They do not beat themselves. They have been better these past three weeks in the turnover margin, which I think that has helped them have a little bit of success. We are going to have our hands full. We are going to our have our hands full in every phase, and we just have to try to find a way to score one more point than they do.”


On if Beckham now owes him a TD pass and if Beckham could throw as good of a pass as he did:

“(Laughter) Listen, we are just making plays. I think when the opportunity comes, if it comes, he is going make the smart decision. On that play, I had a couple of different options, but I really knew the one that I wanted to go to. When his turn is up, he will have the opportunity to make the same type of decision and he better make the right decision – that is all I am saying (laughter).”


On his relationship with Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and Stefanski valuing his and Beckham’s input, contributions and feelings:

“Yeah, I believe, especially in this game and with the amount of experience Coach Kevin has from his long history of coaching and obviously our seven years of apiece, me and Odell, I think the biggest thing has been the communication and always will be communication. I think the more that we can have these open and honest conversations just about our emotions or our feelings or whatever it is or everything that goes into winning the game because ultimately at the end of the day, it is about winning the game. I think Coach Stefanski knows that about myself and about Odell. It is never a selfish communication when we are having our talks or whatever it is. It is just understanding each other, understanding the things that we are trying to do and how can we do those things. That is something that Coach Stefanski has been very open about and that we all have been working on.”


On if there is a sense that the Browns offense will continue to evolve and improve, despite RB Nick Chubb’s injury:

“Yeah, no question. There is definitely more to come. A guy like Nick who does not talk much, just shows up does his job, does it as a high level and one of the best running backs in the NFL right now, to lose him it is going to be tough to replace that, but I think like you said, we do have a roster that will allow us to do a couple other different things and still be in successful plays. I am excited to see how this is going to work out and will be praying for Nick to hurry up and get back as fast as he can safely and enjoy this ride with us.”

On if there was a moment at Dallas when he thought ‘this is what the offense can look like’:

“Absolutely. I think it was maybe the drive right before halftime. I remember (TE) Austin Hooper catching a pass, and I caught a pass on third down right before we clocked it. Just the operation of how that whole sequence happened and then (K) Cody Parkey comes on and makes the field go, and I am on the sideline and I immediately look you know to (pass game coordinator/wide receivers) Coach (Chad) O’Shea and to (QB) Baker (Mayfield) and I say, ‘We just took a step in the right direction.’ I can remember being here for the last two years, and we would do all of these things and then we would miss the kick or something would happen right before we get into field goal range or a penalty would happen or something happened that kind of stops us. We had the sequence of plays and then we kick the field goal, and I felt the step being taken as a football team – I am getting chills right now – to be able to be where we want to be because that is what we have to do. We have be able to score those points right before half and then come out at half and score. That is a 10-point swing right there. That is a beautiful thing in this game.”

On what has he learned about Stefanski’s as a play caller:

“He has some balls. He is a guy that nobody would think that a reverse is coming at the time that it came. Nobody would think that the first series of the game we would run a toss-reverse-pass. We still had a lot of sequences of football where we just ran great plays, mixing the run in with the pass very well and a screen here and there. That is something that he was in a flow. You can tell that the rhythm was there, and guys were going out there executing and playing as hard as they could.”

On what allows Stefanski to be an effective play caller and head coach:

“I would say his preparation. I talk to him multiple times, either after the game or Monday or Tuesday, just texting and talking. He is in the building late night, and hearing Coach O’Shea as we are talking through first, second and third down in the meeting rooms talk about how all coaches are doing is looking at film, drawing up plays and thinking of guys to put in these positions and go out and make plays. To me, it all comes down to his preparation, and I think he is definitely a confident guy once he gets to calling plays and in a rhythm, and that is what makes us good.”

On when was the last time he saw Beckham this content, healthy and focused:

“Probably college. Probably college. Last year, he was dealing with a major that obviously he had to have surgery and coming into a new system, a new team and all of these things, I think that that weighs on you and weighs on anybody. He has handled it well. This year, I think his body has kind of calmed his mind down from all the things that he had going on that he can go out here and perform at a high level each and every time he takes the field.”

On if Beckham’s performance last week was reintroducing himself to the NFL as an elite player:

“You guys know as well as I do, it should have never been a conversation that he was not an elite player anymore. I do not think I can answer that question. He has always been an elite player.”

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