WR Jarvis Landry (10.28.21)

On how his knee is feeling:



On if he expects to play on Sunday:

“Yeah for sure.”


On the knee injury sustained last Thursday being unrelated to the one earlier this season and how nervous he was when it occurred:

“Very, but after the game and these past couple of day, I am feeling a lot better.”


On if there are adjustments he has to make or differences between catching passes from QBs Baker Mayfield and Case Keenum:

“None. I am a pass catcher. No matter who is throwing the ball, it is my job to catch it.”


On what Mayfield has shown the team during the past few weeks while battling the left, non-throwing shoulder injury and Mayfield in practice yesterday:

“He has been fighting. He has been fighting to get back and trying to do everything possible literally to get back. It is good to see him back on the practice field, moving around and throwing balls around. Still taking it day by day. Obviously, it is still an ongoing process and getting him feeling better and getting a lot of us feeling better. He has handled it the right way like a pro.”


On Mayfield’s willingness to battle through the shoulder injury with the hopes of playing:

“I think naturally – again, like I spoke before – we all have injuries that we go through and have to play through. When the season starts, no one is actually ever still 100 percent. Again like I said, he is handling it like a pro, and obviously, he is not putting himself selfishly in front of the team. He is going day by day and seeing the things he can do, coming out here on the practice field and doing the things in the training to be able to see if he can really give it a go. We just go from there.”


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