WR Jarvis Landry (10.22.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On confidence that the Browns offense can get the pass game going: 

“It starts with practice. It starts with coming out here and making sure that we are doing everything that we can do, being in the right spots, making the plays here in practice and continuing the gain the trust of the coaching staff to be able to get it called on Sundays.”

On if he got hit in the eye on Sunday when he missed a couple of plays: 

“Yeah, I think my visor or something hit me in the eye, but I was able to come back after a couple of plays.”

On if it bothers him when he has to miss practices like he did last week: 

“Of course. Of course. I love practicing. I love being out there with the guys. It is always tough to miss practice.”

On if looking to come back from last week’s loss is different than bouncing back after the Week 1 loss to the Ravens or similar: 

“No, it is all the same. We do want one loss to turn into two. (Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski, that was one of the first things that he told me and that is the first thing that he told us as a team. We do not want to turn one loss into two. You have to come back in here, come back in the building, get ready to work and put a good plan together to go out there and beat the Bengals this Sunday.”

On how tough it is for WR Odell Beckham Jr. to receive a two-year ban from LSU facilities: 

“I have no knowledge of the situation, but I know it is going to be tough for him being that he is so tied into that school and the history of the program.”

On how Beckham’s message to the Browns offense midway through last Sunday’s game was received: 

“He is a leader of our team. Anytime he speaks, everybody is listening. I can only say that it was taken the right way, but we went out there and we were not able to put it together. Sometimes that happens. That would never make him shy away from continuing to be a leader and saying what he needs to say, and that goes for every leader that is on this team.”

On if the mood feels the same as it did after the loss to the Ravens and if there is a belief that the Browns can rebound in a similar fashion: 

“I think the belief is in each other, coming out here each and every day and understanding that we still have to get better and there are still areas of our team that we still have to get better. We still have to stop turning the ball over. All of the things that got us beat in Week 1 showed up again this past week. We have to find a way to eliminate those things. With that being eliminated, that comes with making more plays and having more opportunities.”


On if the turnovers are happening because of better competition or if it is due to the Browns’ execution: 

“We had two turnovers. Both of those turnovers were just for us if you look back to everything that we have practiced and talked about, they are on us. Guys are out there trying to make plays, and you can never get mad with that or feel some type of way about that, but then you understand, too, when you are playing against great football teams that know how to manage the game and know how to make your defense stay out there as long as possible, it can get tough to win those games. You look at any team in the NFL, you turn the ball over and the percentages of you winning that game goes down dramatically. We put our defense in a tough spot a lot of times with those turnovers. For us, we have to figure out a way to play complementary football.”

On how he learned he was being traded to Cleveland from Miami: 

“I had a cystic fibrosis event at Hard Rock Stadium that same day. I was getting ready to head there to head to Hard Rock Stadium to put on my first ever cystic fibrosis event in South Florida.”

On Stefanski being hard on himself after the loss and if he has lost any confidence in Stefanski’s leadership: 

“No. No. No chance. One of the things that I have always continued over our conversations, whether it is me to other players or me to coaches and having conversations, is we have a hard job. Our job is not easy. Our job is hard. We get criticized and critiqued whether we do well or whether we do bad. For us, we have to just know that everything inside of our building that we can control, we need to control that. Come out on the practice field. His motto has always been just come to work. We are doing that. We are doing that each and every week. Hopefully, that all translates to wins, but sometimes, it does not, and that is just what it is.”

On if the Browns picked it up more in practice yesterday: 

“I think the intensity of practice has been the same since Day 1. I think guys are out here working hard. Guys are practicing through injuries. Guys are retaining new information each and every day we come in the building and then taking it out to the practice field and executing at a high level. I would say our attention to detail and our focus is definitely here.”

On if he is healthy enough to return punts if needed: 

“If needed, yeah. Maybe that is when guys get (special teams coordinator) Mike (Priefer) on here and throw that up for him and you guys can lobby for me a little bit (laughter). Honestly, DPJ (WR Donovan Peoples-Jones) is doing an excellent job back there. I have been on this team and whether I have been back there or somebody else has been back there, that has been an area that our team needs some production. He has been doing a hell of a job back there.”

On Browns players playing through injuries is a good sign that everyone is bought in and pulling in the same direction: 

“Yeah. It is Cleveland, right? It is blue-collar. Whatever it takes. I think that we have that mindset and that mentality here. These guys come and show that each and every day. We want to be smart. We want to protect our guys, as well. If they can go, we always like for them to be out there at least participating.”

On what Browns skill players can do to help QB Baker Mayfield: 

“Again, we have our jobs. Whether we are going to talk to Coach Stefanski or having a conversation with CO (pass game coordinator/wide receivers coach Chad O’Shea) and hopefully that conversation gets to Coach Stefanski in the right way that we can get things called or whatever it is. For us as receivers, we can only make the plays when we are given the opportunities. I think there are a lot of guys in the receiving room who are ready to make plays, myself included, and we just need some more opportunities.”

On if the Browns WRs are doing a good job of ‘staying patient’ for opportunities: 

“Yeah, we are. We are. We are. It is tough, but it is part of it. It is a team game. As receivers, a lot of our success is solely based on the 9-10 other guys. Everybody, again, we have hard jobs. Everybody, again, is coming out here and working as hard as they can, and everybody is trying to win. There is not one person that is in this building or that takes the field is not trying to win or when a play call comes in that Coach Stefanski does not think that it is the right call. For us, we just have to continue to trust and believe in each other.”

On if taking a significant hit in the Colts game has had any lingering effects: 

“That hit actually broke one of my ribs so I am still kind of dealing with that and playing through that. Just kind of out here in practice doing whatever I can and giving it my all on Sundays.”

On if he has broken a rib before: 

“No. Never.”

On playing through a broken rib: 

“It hurts. It hurts. It hurts. Depending on the play or whatever, at times it is bearable, but we have done a good job of making sure that I am getting protection here throughout the week and making sure that I cover it up and do whatever I need to do to play on Sundays.”


On if sleeping or breathing has been challenging: 

“All of the normal stuff. All of the normal stuff that I guess one would anticipate from having a rib injury.”

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