WR Jarvis Landry (10.18.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On frustrations following today’s loss to the Steelers despite several offensive players battling injuries this week:

“There is no excuse. I think we all still prepared well. We stayed extra on Friday and Saturday to make sure that the things that we missed we were up to par on. I would not say there were a lot of MEs (mental errors). It goes back to the two things that lost us the first game – penalties and turnovers – and we had a lot of those.”

On if the two losses to the Ravens and Steelers show there is a significant gap between those two teams and the Browns:

“I do not think that is a great indication. We play those guys again. They will have to play damn near the same type of game they played the first time to beat us. We have to do better. Both games we turned over the ball and both games we had penalties. When you do that against good football teams, you lose the game. Regardless of any team we play, it could have happened against the Colts or it could have happened against Dallas. We did not turn the ball over those games. We did not have any self-inflicting things. A lot of times when you don’t do that, you have a good chance of winning the game. We did that from the first drive and pretty much throughout the entire game today. That gets you beat against anybody.”

On what he said to Mayfield after a tough loss:

“I told him to keep his head up. Obviously, we are going to ride with him regardless. He is one of the toughest guys in the building. What he is dealing with, nobody is dealing with, and at the position that he is playing on the side it is, he had a tough week. He came out here and did the best that he could. It was not all on him. We did not make plays in the backend regardless. For us, just continue to keep our heads up, tell him to keep his head up and stay positive.”

On WR Odell Beckham Jr. showing frustration on the sideline:

“We are all invested. I think the thing for us is that we have to figure out a way as a team and as a group… He brought us together as a leader of this team there right before halftime and after halftime and just kind of talking and positive messaging. He was trying to get us going because we could not get in any type of rhythm. If that is all you guys saw, then that is why I am sure I got the question.”

On if Beckham was trying to rally the team together:


On struggling to establish the run today and in protection:

“It was tough. It is a part of who we are. They have a bunch of big talented guys on their side, as well. They made more plays than we did. They rushed the passer. They knocked us back. On plays where we are running gaining five to six yards, we were only getting two today. That is something we must figure out, find ways to get better and adapt. We need to find ways to make those runs go and open up the passing game.”

On how to bounce back after today’s loss, particularly after winning four games following the last loss:

“We will need to continue to adjust. In a season like this, you have to find ways to adjust. A lot of times, what is working you continue with it until it is not working. Then you find ways to make it better or adjust. That is just the phase we are in right now. We all have to go back, look at the film, be critical of ourselves and take this on the chin and move onto the next one. It is still a long season. There are still a lot of games left.”

On if Mayfield being pulled from today’s game could impact confidence:

“I think he is a guy that is never going to lack confidence. The decision made was made by the coaches and not him. If there was a decision to be made, he still would play until the final whistle. He is a guy that is one of the hardest workers on the team and one of the guys that is going to play to the end, win lose or draw. I think he will be just fine. We are always talking, always communicating and lifting each other’s spirits after a loss.”

On how he felt physically during the week and today:

“Good. I was good. Just have to be better.”

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