WR Jarvis Landry (10.11.20)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the Browns being 4-1:
“It is very special. We continue to take strides each and every week. For me, just continuing to pay attention to what is going on in the game and how hard these guys work each and every game, how hard we work and how hard the coaching staff works. It is no surprise that we are in this position, and obviously, our goal every week is to win. Once the gameday is here, Sunday is here to win.”

On if the Browns showed something special to win against the top ranked defense in the league without RB Nick Chubb:

“Yeah, it was a tough day. I think we were able to muscle a bit at the end and it finally broke for us a little bit with a couple of big runs there to finish it. You look at the first half, I can think on hand of maybe six or seven contested catches between third down, first down and fourth down. Guys just making plays when their number is called and the ball is in the air. That is a testament to the hard work, obviously like I said before, but also to how bad these guys want it and how bad we want it. We want it real bad.”

On how badly was he hurt when he took the hit in the first quarter and if it affected his play for the rest of the game:

“He got me pretty good. He sent me a pretty good shot. That is all I can say. He gave me a pretty good shot, but it is all good, we got the last one so that is fine.”

On how important is it for the team to show it can produce and win in multiple ways:

“It is part of who we are. I think the biggest thing is we do have an identity. I believe we have an identity but then I think, too, I think we understand that we are going to do whatever it takes to win the game. Hats off to all the guys out there being able to make plays. Like I said, the running game got going and was there in the end and bits and pieces throughout the game was there to really take us over the top.”

On if he is worried about QB Baker Mayfield and his X ray:

“Good question. I think the biggest part is just making sure that everybody continues to stay healthy and taking care of themselves. We played a tough game just now, and it is important for us to make sure that we can get back to the facility tomorrow and take these next days to really try and recover and figure out what we need to do and who is banged up and figure out what we need to do throughout the week to make sure that we can have everybody there for Sunday’s game.”

On if Mayfield seem alright at the end of the game:

“Yes, he seemed to be in great spirits. He seemed to be in great spirits so we are going to keep continuing to send prayers up for that for sure.”

On the mentality needed to get through an NFL game due to the physical nature of it:
“It is part of it. It is part of it, and I know that it is something that a lot of guys in there embrace – not just me, a lot of guys in there embrace. I think the biggest thing for me is those two drops are going to haunt me. You talk about doing my job, and that was part of it. Those are definitely two that are going to keep me up tonight and probably for a couple of more days. That was a great team win, team effort. All these guys are playing with something going on and throughout the week how hard they work, regardless of what they are going through, is something that is showing up out here each and every day, and we are 4-1 because of it. I love all those guys and how much they sacrifice to make sure that they are out of here.”

On what was going through his mind when he crawled off the field after taking a big hit in the  first quarter:

“First, I was trying to catch my breath, but then I was just praying and hoping that it was not nothing serious and that I will definitely be able to go back out there and play. Those two thoughts were the first two things that crossed my mind.”

On how S Ronnie Harrison Jr.’s pick-six and DE Myles Garrett’s safety affected the team’s energy:

“The defense has been doing a heck of a job. Each week, they continue to find ways to get their hands on the ball and force turnovers, force the other team’s offense to make mistakes and just play real sound football. Shout out to all those guys that stepped up. (S Sheldrick) Redwine steps in at safety and makes a play and catches a pick in a huge third down. All those things are a part and a testament to how hard these guys work throughout the week.”

On players like Harrison Jr., S Sheldrick Redwine and RB D’Ernest Johnson stepping up and making big plays after not receiving much previous playing time: 

“Yeah, there is not a guy that is on the sideline that is not drooling to get in there and make big plays. I think that is the beauty about our team. Everybody accepts their role and what they have to do to make sure that we can win games or have successful plays and are ready to do more if needed. Like I said, these guys work. This group works.”

On where he got the hat that he is wearing: 

“One of my friends out in New York. He is a designer out there. I just wear it all there time. Just keep reminding myself and reminding everybody else.”

On how the Browns got from where they were his first season in Cleveland to where they are now: 

“I think that everything gets kind of better with time. You continue to find the right guys and put the right people in places. I think this organization has done a hell of a job of doing that since I have been here. The sense of urgency is here – it has always been since the day I walked through the door – to be a winning organization. We are in pretty damn good shape right now.”

On if he expected to the Browns to get to this point after the Week 1 loss in Baltimore: 

“We were figuring things out. We played a Super Bowl-contending team from the past year, an AFC Championship team. We had to figure some things out on the fly. I think my biggest take from that, and I know you guys know, is the turnover margin. I think we turned the ball over three or four times that game and maybe once or twice – twice today – since then. That speaks volumes to the changes, corrections and things that we have done to make sure we protect the ball and put ourselves in situations to be successful.”

On if he was on the field for WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s pass and why Beckham Jr. didn’t throw the ball to him: 

“Man, I said the same thing (laughter). We went through practice and Coach would take me out when we ran that play a couple times, just to help him fight the urge to throw me the ball. It got to where we wanted it to go, and Hoop (TE Austin Hooper) made a hell of a play and Odell made a hell of a throw.”

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