WR Jarvis Landry (1.3.21)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On the feeling after today’s win:

“It felt really good. This is a special time for this organization and for these guys who come here and work day in and day out, but we have more to do.”

On if that was also Head Coach Kevin Stefanski’s message after the game that the team has more to do:

“That has been his message, and I hope that every guy in this building feels that way, as well. I would not say that today was our best style of football. We have some things to go back and look at. We get another shot at this team again and go from there.”

On if he is excited to play the Steelers again next week in the playoffs:

“I am just excited to play football around this time of year. It does not matter who we play.”

On if the ‘lethargic play’ in the first half was a result of not getting enough practice time this past week:

“I don’t know. Maybe that has something to do with it. A lot of the things we did today were things that we have established as an offense and we know what we can do as far as running the same types of different plays. I just felt like the penalties, the self-inflicted things and all of those things hurt drives. Those are things that we have gotten away from this season, and it has allowed us to be successful. That is a shaky road, and we don’t want to go down it.”

On QB Baker Mayfield putting the game on his shoulders late in the contest:

“I think he had three big first downs. Not only the game winner, but he had two big ones on third down for us. He had four runs today that actually moved the chains. That is what we need. We need every guy that we can making plays when they have opportunities. That is part of the greatness that he has in him.”

On what he will remember most from today:

“The moment that was most special for me was seeing the smile on (C) JC Tretter’s face, (DE) Myles Garett’s and (G) Joel Bitonio’s. Seeing those smiles because they have been through the hard times in Cleveland was really special.”

On his appreciation for making it to the playoffs for the second time in his career, particularly during the unique circumstances of the 2020 season:

“This is a tough sport. This is a tough business. It is all in the details and in your intent and focus. For the most part for us, it is about never being satisfied and understanding that you can’t be satisfied. We are creating a standard here. This is playoff football, and we are here. We have an opportunity to just keep on going forward one game at a time. That is how we have to look at it.”

On this moment means Bitonio, Tretter and other Browns players:

“Yeah, Baker got the first down on the third down play, and I went up to JC and tried to celebrate with him a little bit. He was like, ‘Let’s just kneel the ball first.’ I have tremendous respect for those guys and the way that they work and the way that they come to work every day and the things that they go through. To see us be able to kneel and to see those guys a part of that on the field was something special.”

On if he will call WR Odell Beckham Jr. as soon as he gets home:

“As soon as I make it to the car.”

On if he felt the joy, excitement and energy from the 12,000 fans in attendance at FirstEnergy Stadium:

“Are you kidding? With these fans? I am sure if they could still be in the stadium now and did not get kicked out, they would still be in there. We have some of the best fans in the league.”

On if this trip to the playoffs feels like a bigger accomplishment than his last postseason appearance due to the COVID-19 circumstances:

“It is not really even about COVID. Again, I always talk about playing football in these months, and it is about these guys. It is about these guys that work day in and day out while taking care of their bodies and spending time away from their families and sacrificing time away from their families. To be able to play in this month and play in this part of the season is something special. That is the special part for me.”

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