WR Jarvis Landry (1.14.21)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On how much the win on Sunday raised the team’s already-high confidence level: 

“Yeah, it is part of it. It is part of it and part of this journey to be able to win those type of games in the fashion that we did. When you do, you keep getting opportunities. Just have to make more plays and a bigger opportunity. We have that so we have an opportunity to do that this Sunday.

On how much he loves being counted on to make big plays in big moments of games and the Browns relying on his playmaking ability: 

“I feel like that is part of the reason why I was brought here. For me, just whatever it takes to help his team. I do not really care if it is running my route, being decoy or blocking or whatever it is or whatever it takes for the team. Obviously in those situations, I do want the ball in my hands and I do want the opportunity to make up those types of plays. They count on me, the offense counts on me, to make those plays, and we did. That is just part of playing football.”

On how gratifying it was to see the team start the game with intensity and record a historic first quarter: 

“It was very exciting. One of the things that I have always believed in and I always heard people say is ‘have an energy that is unmatched.’ For us, I think having the attitude that we had going into that game and the way that we were approaching it is something that you saw out of every guy from the first play of the game.”

On the value confirming the Browns can bring that type of intensity in postseason games: 

“It definitely is encouraging to see. Again, the bigger the opportunity, the more energy you have to bring, the more attention to detail and the more together you have to be. We have been through a lot this season throughout COVID, throughout injuries and throughout wins and losses. For us, that has kind of helped us realize in a sense that we have to have that energy and find ways to keep it and feed off of each other.”

On the mindset going to Arrowhead Stadium and playing the defending Super Bowl champions: 

“To win.”

On there is anything extra to the team’s mindset this week because the Chiefs are Super Bowls champions: 

“No. Always in this league, I feel like it is an ‘any given Sunday’ type of mentality. For us, we have always looked at this season as a one-game season – one-week, one game at a time. I think that is no different. I do not think this is a chance for us to just do things that we have not been doing and doing out of the ordinary. We are playing a really great football team. I think they understand that we have a mutual respect. It going to be a football game.”

On his connection with QB Baker Mayfield and if it something that can only be built through time and reps together between a QB and WR: 

“It is something that is always evolving. It is always growing in a sense of I am very transparent with the things that I see out there or knowing what he expects from me in a route, how he wants me to come out the route at the top or use my stem in different ways. To be able to work together in that type of way, I think that that has led to a lot of the success we have had.”

On if being in the right spot when Mayfield is scrambling is a result of their time and reps together: 

“At that point, it is just players making plays and it comes down to instincts. That it is it really. It just comes down to instincts.”

On if he is aware of Chiefs WR Sammy Watkins’ comment on Twitter about competition against the Browns: 

“No, I have not seen it. I have not seen it. Listen, I can’t get into these Twitter wars and these media wars with these guys. We just have an opportunity to play this Sunday, and I am looking forward to it.”

On if he feels like the team just needs to focus on what is happening on the field and get the job done rather than pay attention to outside commentary from opponents or others: 

“Yeah, it has to get handled [on the field]. That is just what it is.”

On his leadership role, along with Mayfield’s leadership role: 

“Everybody leads differently. Leadership does not always look the same, but it has a lot of the same qualities. Just for me, my interjection with guys or with the team most times is individual or position-group specific. Baker is definitely a guy who always has the type of energy that is very contagious and what people look for during the game and that we feed off of. We get that from a lot of guys. Even though (RB Nick) Chubb does not say anything, the way that he plays, you can feel his energy, and you can feel that he wants to win and he is playing as hard as he possibly can and that type of stuff. It encourages other guys to try to do the same and match that level and standard.”

On RB Kareem Hunt having the opportunity to return to Kansas City this week and Hunt being excited for this week’s game: 

“I am happy he got it. I hope we have a great game, and I hope it is a great experience. I know he is going to be ready. I am just happy that he is on this side, not the other side.”

On how exciting it is that G Joel Bitonio may have the opportunity to play in a playoff game following the win after being out last week: 

“It is another opportunity for all of the guys. Like I said, I talked to you guys another time before, this season obviously everything that has happened, this is a part of us all. The guys that have been here, including Joel, to be able to potentially have an opportunity to play in this game, which will be his first playoff game and it is a divisional game. Hopefully, he can be a part of it and we can go get a W.”

On the appreciation he has for Bitonio as a player and man:

“Much respect to him. He has always been a guy who has always been about his business since I have been here. He is always where he needs to be and always doing what he does. He is a great model for the guys in his room. One of the leaders on the team. Again, a quiet guy, but he does what he has to do and when you do that, you do not have to say much.”

On if the Browns WRs get any ‘extra juice’ with the expectation Sunday will be a high-scoring game:

“The goal at the end of the day is to score one more point than they do, and I do not care if it is 100. I think it is going to be a tough battle, but just score one more point than they do.”

On if he has even seen Mayfield be in better command of the Browns offense than last week:

“He is always in his element. Just watching him and understanding how again, I believe a lot of it always comes back to communication and being transparent. The way that he approaches things on the sideline and he comes off the field and goes straight to the tablet or comes off the sideline and goes straight to the offensive line, the receivers or the running backs and says what needs to be said and then goes sit down with AVP (offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt), look through the tablet, figure it out and then come back with a plan of how we want to attack this next series. That is something that has been to the forefront. We can all see it. He has been playing well this whole entire year. Again, we are going to go as far as he goes.”

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