WR Jarvis Landry (1.1.21)

WR Jarvis Landry:

On how tough it was missing the game last week, the first of his career: 

“It was very tough. It was very tough. I feel like I had one of my best weeks of practice last week, and I was excited about the game and excited about just the buildup of winning that game and making the playoffs and things like that. Now, we are in this situation. I am happy to be back. I had a good day today so happy to be back out there.”

On how challenging the uncertainty of this week has been: 

“I would not necessarily say challenging. Obviously, I think the game was the hardest part for me. Outside of that, understanding that these are just different times, bringing in the new year coming out of 2020, have an opportunity to know that I am coming back on Thursday and then practice being canceled on Thursday and everything is virtual, it was more like just anticipation to where I was ready to get back. I was ready to get back and be in the building on Wednesday and ready to get back to practice on Thursday, and we were not able to. It is what it is.”

On if the Browns are prepared for Sunday following the changes to this week’s schedule and the magnitude of this week’s game: 

“We have to be ready. We have to be ready. We have to win this game, there is no secret about it. To answer your question, we have to be ready.”

On how QB Baker Mayfield has looked this week: 

“We had an amazing day of practice today. Again, me being excited to get back out there. He is as crisp as ever. Communicating with him, even after practice just talking to him and having conversations and asking him how he felt about practice, the plan and things like that obviously. All of the talks have been good. We are excited, and we are ready for the challenge.”

On if it was tougher to miss the first game of his NFL due to being a close contact rather than an injury or other reason: 

“Yeah, I would have rather damn near just had COVID myself. It is all good. That was the situation. Now, we are here, and I am just happy that everybody is healthy for the guys who were inactive and are now active. Hopefully, we get those other guys back here pretty soon.”

On if he was surprised to be designated as a close contact or if he knew it would likely happen: 

“No, I did not know. Saturday was a crazy day just based on them trying to contact trace and things like that, but I had no idea that I would be one of the guys until I got the call.”

On if he believes the COVID-19 protocols are working properly or if it is unfair that he had to miss last week’s game due to the system in place and being a close contact: 

“I was on these calls this offseason when this first started. It is just a tough thing for the league. It is a tough thing on the players and the whole league. I think they tried to handle it the best way they could to keep things on schedule. This is one of the things that again nobody anticipated on having to sit out or having to be a close contact and then having to sit out at all. We put these plans in place to make sure that we can play football, and that is what we wanted to do ultimately. They have been strict about those protocols. I know as a team and even myself and as a team, we have been trying to do everything or we have been doing everything that we can to make sure that it has not entered our building, and unfortunately, it has.”

On Chief of Staff Callie Brownson coaching the WRs this week: 

“Listen, I have said this and I will say it again, she is one of the reasons why that whole entire building goes the way that it goes. I know she is excited about it. I know she is going be on her detail and make sure that we are doing the right things out there, getting the right personnel in the game and having the awareness that she has on the sideline to be able to get her job done and make sure we are doing ours.”

On his emotions knowing that if the Browns win on Sunday that the team will be in the playoffs, given it was one of his goals when coming to Cleveland: 

“Listen, this has been a journey that we all have been on and everyone in our organization has partaken in. I think this is going to be a big moment for this organization, for this city and for the Browns fans everywhere. Ultimately, we have to buckle down and win this game. We understand.”

On expectations for the atmosphere at FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday with 12,000 fans in attendance: 

“I expect it to be everything that it has always been – loud, intense and into the game. That is what we are going to need. We need fans cheering from their house and we can hear it and we can feel all of the energy. We want all of the support that we can have. The 12,000 that are going to be in there, I know they are going to have it rocking. We are excited about it, and we are going to use it to our advantage.”

On if this feels like the moment he envisioned when first traded to Cleveland: 

“This is part of it to be able to play in meaningful games in November, December and hopefully, going into January now. This is part of it. I am just happy to have the opportunity and happy to be a part of this organization. I keep on saying it, we have to buckle down, be disciplined and use the week that we have to get on the details and go out there and make sure we win this game.”

On if he thinks about players like LG Joel Bitonio and WR Rashard Higgins who were part of the 1-31 stretch going into Sunday and the potential to reach the playoffs:

“Yeah, I think about those guys. I think about (Managing and Principal Partner) Dee (Haslam) and I think about (Managing and Principal Partner) Jimmy (Haslam). I think about everyone. Again, this is those times of the year where you are playing meaningful games, and that is part of the culture that I have always felt like I have been a part of in a sense or that I represent. To be able to be a part of an organization that represents the same things and wants the same things and our team goals are aligned, it is something that is very exciting. We are looking forward to now and the future.”

On not carrying the weight of the Browns being in an 18-year playoff drought:

“I feel the weight of it. That is what I am saying and that is why it is so important to me. One of the first things that I said when I first got here is that it is definitely important to me and definitely something that I train all offseason for. It is definitely that I put on my shoulders and on my back. Last week for instance, I had no part in the decision that the NFL made, but I do feel responsible in a sense, even though I did everything that I could do. I still wanted to be there for those guys, and things just did not work out the way that it worked out because of the times that we are in. Now, I have another opportunity to be back out there on the field with those guys. Again, all of our dreams and our goals are aligned to be able to play these meaningful games, get into the playoffs and win championships here in Cleveland. I think the weight is not just on my shoulders, but it is on everybody’s shoulders. I think everybody wants this really, really badly.”

On if it is on his mind that the team wants to prove that it is as good as the Ravens and Steelers:

“Just being on the outside looking in before I got here and understanding that the Steelers and the Ravens have been two teams that have kind of owned this division in a sense, I understood that was part of being and having the culture that I felt like I was going to bring here was to be able to challenge those teams and challenge that bully mindset that they bring, and let the bully meet the bully. I do not mean that as anything that is bulletin board material or anything like that. I just say that just in the standpoint of that mindset of it is not like hoping to beat those teams; it is expecting to those teams. We all understand and know and everybody on this call knows that in order to get where you want to go, you have to beat those teams. It is no way around it, and that is every year. That is something that again has to be embedded in everybody’s mindset and in the culture that you are trying to create and the culture that you have, and you go from there. You know you are going to get their best shot because they have been there before multiple times.”

On his goal of helping change the culture in Cleveland and if he feels like he has helped accomplished that goal:

“I think you see some growth in it, and I think that for us, this game right here is a really big game. We continue to grow. The goal is to always be able to play these meaningful games, and we have done that. We have gotten ourselves to the point where we are in that situation now. Now, it is to win those games. I feel the culture continues to always adapt, develop and grow. I do think that where it may have been when I first got here we are definitely passed that part. Like I said, I am excited about now and I am excited about the future.”

On if he has or expects to give a speech to the team about Sunday’s opportunity:

“Again, everybody knows what is at stake. There is not one guy in that building who does not train to be able to play these meaningful games and to be able to make it to the ultimate goal, which every team sets out at the beginning to reach. Everybody understands the urgency about this game. I am a big by example guy, and when I feel like things need to be said, I will address, but I can’t give you an answer about it if I will say anything or not. I know that I am going to try to let my play speak for itself and let guys follow from there.”

On his reaction to DE Myles Garrett being the game captain for Sunday, understanding it has nothing to do with last year:

“Nobody in here is thinking about last year. He has played tough. He has played hurt for us. He is our leader. He is a guy who so many guys on this team respect and every guy on this team respect and in this organization. I know for this fact, if anybody is a Cleveland Brown, it is Myles Garrett, and he deserves this moment in his career with the things that he has done for this city and throughout his career here to be able to represent this team by going out and being a captain for this game. Nobody has a problem with it. Nobody is looking deep into it about anything else. We are just excited about a guy who is a true Cleveland Brown is going to lead us out on that field Sunday.”

On how he helps make sure everyone is prepared for the pressure of this week’s game:

“I have always looked at when somebody has to make a play are pressure situations, just the level of your training, how you practice and not getting that heightened anxiety, whatever it is. Just being comfortable and making a play. Trusting yourself to make the plays. I think that is what we have. Even though we may lack in experience in those situations, I think that if everybody just kind of falls to the level of their training and how they practice throughout the week or just being comfortable in those situations, that gives us an opportunity to be able to make those big plays in those big moments and end the games.”

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