WR Jamari Thrash (4.27.24)

Hey, Jamari, obviously, you started your career at Georgia State and played four years there, but what did you get out of that one year playing in the ACC at Louisville that you feel like you weren’t able to really get during that time at Georgia State that helped you prepare you for now, this next step?

Just being in Coach (Jeff) Brohm’s offense, knowing that he runs a poster offense, and I knew that he was going to get me those. I don’t want to say a leg up, but he was going to give me opportunity to learn NFL offenses. You know, going to the ACC, I was able to go against ACC defenses. Well, they were ACC defenses that were NFL defenses. So just being in the ACC and going against different competition and playing with Brohm, you know, it also helped me a lot to mature and pick up on a lot of things getting into this, well, actually heading into my NFL career.”


Hey, Jamari, congratulations. What is your reaction to getting picked by the Browns, and did you think there would be a fit there? Did you have any kind of contact with them before the draft that made you think it would be a possibility?

Yeah, so I actually met with them at the combine. You know, they ran me through a couple tests. You know, they got to know me as a player and a character. so I actually kind of, you know, what’s so crazy? Actually kind of, I was going, I knew they were going to pick me, but I looked at the last, like, the upcoming four picks, and I was like, okay. Like, I know I talked to the Browns a lot. So, you know, I was just waiting on, we’ll see which team was going to grab me. But, man, I’m blessed and honored to be a Cleveland Brown. You know, it means a lot to me right now.”


Hey, Jamari, what was this weekend like for you? Where were you? Who were you with and what were the emotions like?

I was just around my family, friends, and people I grew up with. You know, it got kind of shaky for me. I just kept, one round went by, and then I was just kind of getting nervous. I couldn’t be still. So as I know I’m nervous, I can’t be still. You know, it was a great feeling.”


Hey, Jamari, looking at the roster and the receivers that are currently in Cleveland, is there someone that you’re looking forward to kind of picking their brain and trying to grow your game being around them?

All of them. You know, I know they just recently got (Jerry) Jeudy. Amari (Cooper) who’s been there. Elijah Moore’s been there, James Proche. You know, I’m just ready to, you know, working, you know, learn what I can learn from those guys. So, you know, I’m really excited about the future.”


Jamari, it doesn’t look like you have a bunch of special teams on your resume. Is that something that you think you can do in the pros? And have you done much of it at all?

“Yeah, so actually, when I went to Louisville, you know, I was a gunner. I was a gunner, you know, I played punt return in high school. I did it a little bit in college, but, I never got my opportunity to do it in the game. But that’s my background when it comes to special teams so. But, yeah, special teams is something that I’m definitely willing to do. That’s something. It doesn’t matter if I’m willing to do it or not. You know, I don’t have a choice, but, yeah, that’s my whole mindset when it comes to it. Well, yeah, special teams, you know, I don’t mind doing special teams.”


Jamari, if you were to write out your own scouting report on yourself, what would it say?

Playmaker, good with the ball in his hand, creates, you know, separation. I mean, I feel like my tape just speaks for itself.”


Congratulations, Jamari. In your conversation just with the Browns at the combine, just what were some of the things you picked up on, learned about and liked with the offense that they’re trying to run next season?

Just saying how to use their receivers. Just saying, you know, seeing how versatile they let their receivers be because, you know, they showed me a couple formations and, you know, film, you know, Amari Cooper being wide to the left and also in the slot as well. So just seeing how they use their receivers, their concepts and, you know, just play style.”


Hi, Jamari. Ashley Bastock from Cleveland.com. I know you’re excited to pick everyone’s brain in that receiver room, it sounds like, but I’ve read you get praised for your route running. I’m wondering with Amari Cooper specifically, since he’s regarded as one of the best route runners in the league, how excited are you to get to talk that aspect of the game with him?

Man, I can’t wait. Amari’s doing a good job. You know, he’s always been consistent. You know, he was one of my favorite receivers when he was at Bama as well, so just being in that room with him and Jeudy and Elijah Moore, you know, just being in the room with those guys, I know I can just learn a lot. I can’t wait. I can’t wait t get into that room with those guys.”


Hey, Jamari, I saw that you had a hand injury, and had surgery. You played through it. How did that affect you in the second half of the season? And, you know, why was it so important for you to stay on the field?

You know, it kind of slowed me up, you know, trying to get back used to, you know, I don’t want to say one hand, but trying to get straight back in. You know, the hand I had surgery on, it definitely slowed me down a little bit toward the second half of the season, but I always just want to, you know, so just knowing what we had to do and seeing where we at in the standards, I knew that, you know, going to the ACC Championship was something that was big for us, you know, coming in next January coming in, yeah, coming in that January, so that was something that was big for us, and I know what type of player I am and type of teammate that I am, so I didn’t mind playing with a broken hand or a broken wrist or a broken finger. Like, just knowing me as a player and just knowing that my team needs me on the field each game really just did a lot to me. So just knowing that they needed me, I don’t mind going all out for my teammates.”


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