WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (8.6.21)

On if he believes he is off to a strong start to training camp:

“Yes, I feel pretty good.”


On the biggest difference for him now compared to last year:

“I feel like I just used last year, learned a lot from last year and really looked at myself deeply.”


On what is easier or better for him during his second training camp:

“There are many different things that I feel like are better and many different things that I feel like I worked on.”


On his offseason preparations for training camp:

“Just training.”


On if his training during the offseason was different with a full preparation period compared to getting ready for the NFL Draft last year:

“Definitely [different]. Definitely felt really good. Had time to do things that I needed to do. It is different just from college and it is a different offseason. Definitely appreciated the offseason.”


On the benefit of being able to be around and interact with teammates more this offseason and to start training camp:

“It builds a lot of chemistry. You get to see guys, hang around guys and talk to guys, even in the locker room. Feel like it builds great camaraderie and chemistry.”


On many people being surprised that he was available to the Browns in the sixth round of last year’s draft:

“I am not an evaluator. I am not sure.”


On how he remained ready for when his number was called early last season, including when WR KhaDarel Hodge was injured during pregame warmups and he had more responsibility:

“I feel like if you stay ready, you do not have to get ready. Just continue to be myself.”


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