WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (7.29.22)


On if there is an aspect to forming chemistry with other WRs to benefit the offense:

“I think so. The more you get to know your teammates and the more guys know each other and know what somebody else is thinking, I feel like the better.”


On if that chemistry helps the WRs adlib on plays when needed:



On if he feels that he can make a big jump this season:

“I am just trying to come in every day, do my job and get better every day.”


On if he picks WR Amari Cooper’s brain to learn from him, including about route running:

“I am definitely learning from him. He has a lot of experience. A very smart guy. You can see his success. He is Amari Cooper so there are always things to learn from him.”


On his reaction when learning the Browns traded for Cooper:

“I was excited. Growing up, he was one of my favorite players and was actually the reason that I wore No. 9 in high school and in college. It is dope.”


On what he liked about Cooper when he was in high school and college:

“He was just one of the best.”


On if he tried to emulate any specific aspect of Cooper’s game early in his career:

“He was the top of the line so yeah.”


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