WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (12.23.21)


On the challenges preparing for Saturday’s game without QB Baker Mayfield at practice this week and his confidence in Mayfield being able to produce on gameday:

“Decisions have to be made, and you have to roll with what you have and make the most out of what you do have. That is what we have been doing, and that is what we will continue to do.”


On how he and the Browns offense have been able to prepare with Mayfield virtually:

“He is probably one of the most prepared. He is at every virtual setting. He knows everything that is going on. Even if he is not out there practicing, he is getting those mental reps. He is doing everything he has to do right now while not on the field physically.”


On how the team has handled the adversity from the past 10 days:

“We are just adjusting, keeping an optimistic mindset, coming in and taking each day day by day. Focusing in on everything that we have to do to be our best selves and trying to be as prepared as much as we can. Looking forward to it.”


On if he likes the current attitude of the team:

“Yes, I definitely do. We are all fighting. We are all in there every day preparing. We are all trying to do everything we can individually. Coaches are trying to do everything that they can do. We are just excited for this game.”


On the Packers defense:

“They have some good guys up front and good guys in the secondary. They are very balanced. They are a really good team. We just have to play our part, play Cleveland Browns football and go out there and do what we have been practicing.”


On his mindset and reaction as Browns players were being placed on the reserve/COVID-19 list last week:

“It really was unpredictable. Like you said, every couple of hours, there seemed to be more guys testing positive so changes were made hourly, not just daily. You kind of had to be ready for anything. Me personally, I just kind of laid low. I was not really going anywhere. I was masked up and doing everything that I had to do to take my precautions so I could stay healthy. That is really how last week went.”


On how he rebounded from a slow start in Monday’s game to finish with a strong performance:

“Really, I just take it play by play. That is my mindset the whole game. If I  am in a play, I am focused on this play. Once that play is over, I am moving on to the next play. I am really just trying to out there, make plays and keep going. That is like with life and everything. Continue to keep going and continue to do what I have to do. It is as simple as that.”


On if the play down the sideline early in the game against the Raiders is one he expects to make:



On if he did not put the ball away before the defender got a hand in to break up the pass:

“Yeah, I kind of rushed it. I just have to be better and secure the catch.”


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