WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (12.17.20)

WR Donovan Peoples-Jones:

On visiting QB Baker Mayfield in Austin during the offseason and how important that has been for his transition this season: 

“Really, just the first chance to get out there and throw with Baker meant a lot for me. Always watching him when I was younger and finally getting to connect with him and throw with him and just be around him, I definitely think helped build confidence for both of us.”

On his ability to make plays in big moments like this past Monday night: 

“I just keep continuing to do what I am put here to do. Whatever it is and whatever my role is at any given time, I am going to be there for the team.”


On his resiliency to bounce back after things do not go his way: 

“Just versatile, there is always the next play and next play mentality. Obviously, I try to be perfect on every play, but that is not realistic. There is always going to be a next play. I just try not to focus on the bad and just continue to keep getting better and continue to lock in and do my part.”

On Browns players adopting a similar mentality and if that comes from the coaching staff: 

“Yeah, it does definitely. Always have to look forward. In life, it is not good to dwell on the past. Looking forward it is just that optimistic, positive energy.”


On if he is on a mission to prove that he should not have lasted until the sixth round of the draft: 

“I am just trying to be the best I can be at any given moment and any given time.


On if it bothers him that he was not drafted until the sixth round: 

“No, now I am getting the opportunity and blessed to be here honestly.”

On sticking with the play and catching the ball on the two-point conversion against the Ravens: 

“It was cool. I saw it come out of Bake’s hand and I saw (RB) Kareem (Hunt) go up for it. By the track of the ball, it just looked weird. It looked weird so I kind of settled my feet and I saw it like pop right off of his shoulders right into my hands. I do not know. It was weird, but it landed right into my hands.”


On needing to be ready for anything and if that comes naturally to him or if he is doing that because of the need with how Mayfield is playing: 

“With football, you can’t predict everything. Some things happen unpredictably. There are four receivers or three receivers out there at a time. Any one of those guys can get the ball at any given time so I kind of feel like you just have to always be ready.”

On if he is having a fun time this season, given it appears he is having fun playing:

“Definitely. It is a great life experience. It is a blessing to be out here every day. I am truly thankful for it.”

On how was the experience was playing on Monday Night Football:

“It was fun. High energy. Glad that the fans were able to come in a limited capacity. Definitely felt the energy. Definitely felt all of the feelings of a Monday night game, something that I grew up watching. It was just great to play in and to be out there.”

On if he looking forward to a second primetime game on Sunday Night Football:

“Yes sir. Absolutely.”

On if he is aware of the tough times the Browns experienced prior to his time in Cleveland: 

“Yeah, I am aware. I am aware. It is crazy. It is crazy that it is happening this year. Like I said, I am blessed to be a part of this team.”

On where he has grown the most since the bye week:

“Just confidence. Being able to be myself out there with the catches and being involved a little bit more. Just feeling more like myself. It is just fun to be out there. I think building confidence has been the best part about it.”

On how cool it is to be part of a team that is in playoff contention:

“It is a blessing. Something that I always wanted to do as a kid. Now that it is finally here, I really can’t put it into words. I would not rather be anywhere else than here at this moment.”

On if he knows NY Giants S Jabrill Peppers, given their Michigan connection:

“I know him. We did not get a chance to play together, but I definitely do know him.”

On Peppers:

“Explosive player. Exciting player. He is definitely a really good player. He does a lot for the team.”

On if he may have to try to get past Peppers on a return:

“Whatever it is. If it happens that way, then it happens that way.”

On his impression of the Browns franchise prior to his arrival and if that makes it cooler for him to be part of a group that is helping turn it around this year:

“I knew about the Browns. My area does not really get the Browns games so that is kind of hard because I never was really able to watch them unless they were on a primetime game or something like that. It is definitely a blessing to be here this year. First year to be on a winning team, I am just excited for the future here.”

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