WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (11.8.21)


On his TD catch yesterday:

“It was a really good play call. In the moment that the play was called, I felt like I had a chance on it. I did my part and ran my route. I looked up, and the ball was in a perfect location. It was easy on me to just finish the play.”


On if he feels a need to step up with the Browns and WR Odell Beckham Jr. parting ways:

“I am just continuing to get better every day and focus on me and what I have to do.”


On his reaction to learning Beckham would no longer be with the Browns:

“It was tough. It was tough. It was different. That is my guy. That is my guy.”


On his relationship with QB Baker Mayfield:

“My relationship with Baker is pretty good. I just keep moving forward, keep putting pieces together and continue to focus on what I have to do and how to make me better every day.”


On if he saw the Bengals S approaching to make a big hit on his catch down the sideline:

“I actually did not. I looked up, and I was tracking the ball the whole time. I was hoping that he did not get there in time, and as soon as I caught it, boom. That is all that I remember. I am just thankful that I held onto the ball.”


On if he felt OK after the hit:

“Oh yeah, I was good.”


On if the hit should have been a penalty due to the potential of helmet-to-helmet contact:

“I do not feel like it was helmet to helmet. It was a pretty clean hit. That is football.”


On where he has improved most since last season:

“It would be my awareness – awareness of the defense, what we have going in offensively and the scheme, knowing where I could go on this play. Kind of just having that awareness piece, I feel like I have grown.”


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