WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (10.26.20)

WR Donovan Peoples-Jones:

On what WR Odell Beckham Jr. has meant to him early in his career: 

“Him and (WR) Jarvis (Landry), growing up, they were big inspirations to me. Not even being here with them on the team and being here with them on the team now, they continue to inspire me and motivate me all the time.”

On how difficult it is to replace a player of Beckham’s caliber: 

“Very difficult. You can’t replace him. It is just the next guy up.”

On if anything in his career compares to making yesterday’s game-winning catch: 

“I do not think so. I had a winning catch in high school to go to the state championship, but nothing as big as this one on the end of a two-minute drive, a perfectly thrown ball and perfectly timed moment. It was all God.”


On having his first-career receptions yesterday and if it was natural to get into the flow of the offense: 

“Yeah, just doing what I have always practiced and just being there game time whenever ready and I am just ready.”


On if he knew the ball was coming to him on the game-winning play: 

“I did not. I had a feeling that it could so I wanted to be there in case it did, and it did.”


On all of his career receptions coming in the fourth quarter and how he stays ready for when he gets the chance to make plays: 

“Just continue to be detailed and focused on everything I am given, whether that is in practice, whether that is in game, whether that is watching film or whether that is doing my assignment at any given position at any given time.”


On how prepared he is for his new role in the Browns offense: 

“I am just blessed to be playing in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns, doing as much as I can for me and my team.”


On describing his game-winning TD reception and how he stayed in bounds: 

“I had a go route. I can just remember getting off the line running and thinking he might throw this to me. Looking, seeing the ball actually in the air between me and the defender and seeing the flight of the ball, I did not think that the defender would see it in time and I did not think that I would need to go up and get it because I could feel that it was going to land that way. I feel like I could kind of back shoulder it, and I did. As soon as I turned around, I kind of missed the ball and it landed right there. Every time I am going up, I have always tried to get two feet in bounds, no matter what level. I really did not think to get two feet inbounds. I just tried to do what I have been doing my whole life, and I am so glad that I was able to get two feet inbounds.”


On getting a shout out from LeBron James after the game: 

“It felt good. He is my favorite player, my favorite basketball player of all time. I think he is the best of all time. That felt good that he was watching and supporting.”


On if Beckham said anything to him after the game: 

“We were in there around him during halftime, and it was just hard – hard for him, hard for all of us, hard seeing him in pain and in distress. I just remember him telling me, he gave me a handshake and said, ‘Go be great.’ That meant a lot coming from him. I respect everything that he and Jarvis do. That was a real surreal moment.”


On WR Rashard Higgins’ performance on Sunday: 

“I think he played a great game. Really impressed with a lot of the catches he made. Any given situation, he came up when his number was called. That is what you love to see and what you love to be around as a team.”

On if there is a friendly competition between Higgins and him in practice: 

“There is competition everywhere in the NFL. As a receiver, I love my receiver group. I love going in there and working with them day in and day out. It has been paying off.”


On his greatest asset as a player: 

“Versatility. Lining up wherever. Doing a multiple role of things. If I have to catch, I can do that. If I have to run the ball, I can do that. If I have to block, I can do that. Being versatile is my biggest asset.”


On his experience in the return game this season: 

“Still getting used to it. I love being back there. It is something that I have always loved doing. I want to do great things for this team being a returner, and we are working on some things. We are going to just keep fighting, keep getting better and keep learning from our mistakes.”


On how different he expects the Browns offense to be without Beckham and how he expects opponents to gameplan against the team now: 

“I am not sure. Like I said earlier, a great player like that is hard to replace.”


On how the Browns can shake off the loss of Beckham: 

“It is tough. It is tough. He is a big leader in our receiver room. It has been tough.”


On if he was surprised by anyone who reached out to him after his game-winning TD catch: 

“I have heard from a lot of different people.”


On how determined he is to show that he can step in and fill some of Beckham’s role and how ready he is for the opportunity: 

“I am going to keep coming in and showing everything that I have. Every tool and asset I have that they can utilize, I just want to show it.”


On being called ‘Mr. Reliable’ by Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and that he can line up anywhere: 

“It feels good because that is something that I pride myself on being reliable, being there, being ready and taking on multiple position. It feels good. I feel like this game was a big game for us. For me to have a couple catches and it really meaning something, it just felt so good. Just being in the locker room with all those guys and them coming up to me after the game and saying how proud they were of me, it just felt good.”

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