WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (10.17.21)

On the Hail Mary touchdown:

“I was able to see it, get a good read on it and judge it to see where it was going to land. I went up there and made a play. I saw the ball when it was about halfway in the air. I saw it and had a feeling where it was going to land.”


On if he thought the Hail Mary was going to be a momentum changer:

“We are just trying to put up as many points as we can and get in position to win the game.”


On QB Baker Mayfield’s injury:

“I was around him trying to make sure he was ok. We need him. He is a big part of this team and he keeps us going.”


On Mayfield returning to the game:

“He is a tough guy. Earlier in the year, he had something similar. He came back and fought out there. He wants to be out there for the team. He is definitely a tough guy and a great competitor.”


On WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s injury:

“He is a dog. The guy gets hurt, and that affects your body and your mental game, but he goes back out there and keeps fighting, which says a lot about him and the way he feels about the team.”


On his first touchdown catch:

“I was lined up on the right side and had a little short out. Baker delivered the ball, and once I caught it, I was focused on getting in the end zone.”


On his recent success:

“I am feeling good out there. I am blessed to go out there and play every day in a sport that I love and a team that I love being on.”


On the team’s mentality after losing back-to-back games:

“We need to keep pressing. We have to keep doing what we have to do, detail everything we have to detail and just go to work.”