WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (10.13.21)

On the Browns scoring 42 points and producing more than 530 yards of offense but not winning the game with an opportunity on the final drive:

“Games like that do not come down to one play. It comes down to multiple plays over and over. We just have to focus on the small details.”


On the Hail Mary attempt at the end of last week’s game going untouched:

“I am not sure.”


On if the Browns were close on the Hail Mary attempt and if he saw the football coming into the end zone:

“It was tough. I could not see it. We got tripped and tangled up a little bit.”


On if it seems NFL officials are allowing more hand fighting this year:

“It is a physical game. It is a physical game. We just have to continue to get better and continue to do what we can to combat that.”


On if he was surprised there was not a defensive pass interference call on his route on the second-and-10 late in the game:

“We try not to leave calls up to the refs. Just continue to keep playing football – next play.”


On if he was thinking ‘I have this guy’ on the second down when biting on the first move of the double-move:



On last week being his highest-production game of the season:

“Just went out there, did my job and the ball found me.”