WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (10.10.22)


On if he has spoken with QB Deshaun Watson since returning to the facility today:

“I saw him earlier. Yeah, I was able to say ‘what up’ to him.”


On how good it was to see Watson and how good it is for Watson to be back:

“Good. It is real good.”


On processing the team’s 2-3 record with all three losses being close games in the final moments:

“Really just have to focus in on what we can do to be better. It is the little things that are occurring that we have to capitalize and even with myself focus on ways how I can help this team be better. As a group, we have to focus on how we can be better.”


On how tough the three losses have been and confidence the team can be resilient in its response:

“They have been tough just because we have been so close, but I love the guys in the room that we have, the teammates and coaches that we have. I think being resilient is easy for us because we are just going to come in every week, every day and try to get better and keep doing our thing.”


On what QB Jacoby Brissett has meant to the Browns offense:

“He has been a really good leader. Real good leader. Every day getting the guys going. He is a vocal leader, and I am proud to play with him.”


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