WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (10.1.21)

On if it felt good to make strong catches on Sunday and being patient while waiting for his opportunities this season:

“Definitely. It always feels good to go out there and produce, always.”


On his ability to stay patient while waiting for his opportunities:

“I am just trying to take it play by play. Play by play and just do my job.”


On his ability to work the sideline for tough catches:

“It is always a thought, especially going into the boundary or sideline, of having that awareness to not only make the catch but get both feet down. I have been practicing that my whole life.”


On when he started practicing his footwork to stay in bounds near the sideline:

“I can remember doing that in high school and really young.”


On if working the sideline was emphasized by a coach or if it was inspired by watching other college or pro players:

“In college, it was always the one foot down, but it is like, ‘OK, what is the next step?’ In the big leagues, they always get two feet down so why not practice it early?”


On how WR Jarvis Landry has been with the team behind the scenes:

“Just a leader. He is a leader and the leader of that room. He is the guy.”


On if Landry is almost like having an additional wide receivers coach in the room:

“He really is. With all of his experience, his knowledge and his passion for the game, he always has tips and pointers. He is a vet.”


On if he can tell it is driving Landry crazy to be missing games:

“Yeah, he does not like to be out. He loves to be out here.”