WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (1.6.22)

On his performance and development during the 2021 season:

“Definitely were some ups and downs. With that, I feel like I learned a lot. Now, it is just about continuing to grow and continuing to get better.”


On the biggest areas of improvement for him during the 2021 season:

“Really just the little things, the details, the awareness and continue to make the big plays. My mindset is I want to make every big play that comes my way so I really hold myself to that standard.”


On when QB Baker Mayfield is at his best:

“When he is out there free, we are all playing together and we are all in sync – that is with everybody, though.”


On how the Browns WRs room has come together as a unit this season, given the adversity faced with players sustaining injuries, missing games due to COVID-19 and other factors:

“Definitely came together as a brotherhood. I know we have gotten way, way closer this year. With COVID and with the ups and downs, we had to lean in on each other, grow from each other and learn from each other. I definitely think our relationships have definitely grown.”


On how WR Jarvis Landry has helped him grown as a WR and NFL player:

“Really everything. He is definitely a great. I can look at his game, I can talk to him and he is always giving pointers, not just even with football – life things. He has a lot of insight. He has been here for a long time. He has a lot of experience. He just does things the right way.”


On what makes CBs Greg Newsome II and Denzel Ward difficult to match up against as a WR:

“Very athletic. They are not the biggest, but they are very quick. Very quick, very fast and get in and out of their breaks very efficiently. That makes them the best.”


On his first reaction when thinking of Landry:

“Tough. Accountable. Definitely a leader for the team and for the receiver group. Just somebody you can rely on. For me, like a mentor/big brother figure.”


On how Landry has responded since LA Rams WR O’Dell Beckham Jr. was released by the Browns and if that has weighed on Landry:

“Everybody kind of deals with things, and he has found ways to go out there and put his best self on the field for his teammates. I just have the most respect for him.”


On the challenges understanding there could be changes to the Browns WR room this offseason:

“Like Coach says, teams change every year from year to year. You never know who is going to be there next so you kind of just roll with who you have, make adjustments, make corrections and really just keep moving forward with anything.”


On his biggest takeaways and areas of development from the 2021 season:

“It is so many different things. Really, just the combined experience of having Year 2 under your belt. Like I said, there were many ups and downs for the team and many ups and downs for me this year. That not only taught me a lot about myself but what I have to do going forward.”


On if his relationships with teammates has allowed him to take on more of a leadership role next season and moving forward:

“I definitely have been blessed to be around a lot of good leaders and a lot of good people who I can learn from. All I am here to do is just continue to get better and share my knowledge with other people. At any given time, I will be ready for whatever.”


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