WR Donovan Peoples-Jones (1.2.23)



On the biggest difference between the Browns offense’s productivity in the first and second halves:

“Really just I would say getting things going. As the game went on, we called some different plays to get our guys in different positions, and we were able to make plays.”


On the significance in this week’s game, including having the opportunity to keep the Steelers from reaching the playoffs:

“These last two games for us have been very important to us. Like we do every week, we focus on us, how we can improve and how we can execute our plan. It is definitely important that this game there is technically meaning behind this game, even though there is meaning behind all of the games, but it is important.”


On how much confidence has been instilled in him knowing QB Deshaun Watson continues to throw to him even if he makes a mistake on a play:

“Yesterday, it really instills confidence because I know that even like yesterday I had the drop, I really wanted that bad, and sometimes you don’t know if you will get the ball after that. To know that he’s coming right back to me the next play shows that he is not worried about that. That really makes me feel good and makes me excited, too.”


On how much confidence it gave him that Watson stated an initial desire to look for him on the TD play:

“It gave me a lot of confidence. Anything we can do to help this team win, we want to do. We have been working on that play all week, and it ended up playing out just how we thought it would be.”


On the Browns having balance on the series when he scored his TD:

“It is good. That is what we try to do on every drive. We try to march down the field, use our balanced attack and score points. It always feels great to do that.”


On if momentum from the second half of yesterday’s game can carry into this week and next season:

“Yes, absolutely. The momentum, just continue to do what we have to do. Do our job, like I said earlier. Execute the details on each given play. We know that is there, and just doing it, just like Deshaun says, gives us that confidence to keep going and use that momentum for next week.”


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