WR Davion Davis (8.17.21)

WR Davion Davis:

On his touchdown catch against the Jaguars:

“It was crazy. That was my first NFL touchdown so I did not know how to celebrate. I just gave my grandma thanks and celebrated with the team. A dream come true honestly.”


On if he kept the ball from his touchdown:

“No sir, I gave the ball back. I was worried about getting back to the game, getting back with the team and doing everything we can to win the game.”


On the Browns’ depth at WR and how he assesses his chances of earning a roster spot:

“I just come in every day and work hard. I do not really think about it. Like I said, I take everything day by day and just do the best that I can do every day.”


On how tough it was to get up to speed after joining the Browns after training camp started:

“You have to be a pro. At the end of the day, you have to come in and study the playbook. That is exactly what I did. I learned the playbook so I could get myself ready for any opportunity that I was able to get during the game. Just staying well prepared.”


On if he is using this as an audition for other teams, if he does not make the Browns roster:

“I am worried about this situation right here, right now. I am not worried about anything that is outside of here. Just staying focused on training camp.”


On if he expected the Browns may call him early in training camp to join the team:

“I honestly did not. I was just prepared for any opportunity that was given to me. I was at home working out and got the call. I was on the plane the next day. Blessed for the opportunity that I was given.”


On if he expected to get as much playing time against the Jaguars:

“I was just prepared for any moment. We have a lot of talented guys in the room. Just stayed focused and stayed prepared for anything that was given to me.”


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