WR David Bell (6.16.22)

On if he has been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame before today: 

“No, this is my first time. It was obviously a great experience to be out here with my teammates and just be able to compete a lot, and just working to get better.”


On watching ‘A Football Life: Jim Brown’ on the bus ride to the Pro Football Hall of Fame: 

“I have watched that one before so being able to see it again is definitely cool. I grew up with my grandfather so he used to watch all of the old NFL Films, and Jim Brown was definitely one of his favorite players.”


On what he has learned about the Cleveland Browns’ history that he did not know before joining the team:

“There are definitely a lot of things. When I was watching the Jim Brown video, I did not know that he scored 43 points by himself so that was pretty impressive. That was something I did not know before I got here. Being able to understand that and seeing where this organization came from and what we want to be in the future is definitely something eye-opening and it is something we are striving to do every day.”


On what he is looking forward to seeing at the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

“I am looking forward to checking out everything. Like I said, I have not been here at all so I know that it is going to be a cool experience to be able to see some of the cool artifacts that are in here and just to grasp the moment because I am pretty sure not too many people get this opportunity to come down here.”


On Head Coach Kevin Stefanski taking the team to the Pro Football Hall of Fame during veteran minicamp to provide more history of the Browns and NFL: 

“It means a lot. Obviously, you can just tell he wants us to be knowledgeable about our organization and the team that we are playing for so that definitely means a lot. A lot of the players love that, too. He is taking care of us so when the season comes we can be ready to go. Just to be out here and with the team again, like I said, and to be able to go visit the old artifacts and stuff like that, it definitely is a good experience so far.”


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