WR David Bell (4.29.22)

On his reaction to being drafted by the Browns, particularly being close to home and his college: 

“It was definitely an amazing feeling. I definitely shed tears. It is something that I have been dreaming about my entire life just to get that phone call and see my name get called on draft night. It is definitely a blessing just to be one state over. Friends and family can come to watch me play. It is not too far. It is close enough. It is just outside of the city just for me.”


On playing alongside WR Amari Cooper, who he said he has studied in the past:

“It is amazing. I have been studying Amari since he was at Bama so to get the opportunity to see him and how he works in practice and to see what he does to be one of the top route runners in the game today is definitely an honor that I am definitely going to take from and learn a lot from it.”


On how much is he looking forward to picking Cooper’s brain:

“A lot. He had success in college. He had success when he was in Oakland also in Dallas. I imagine he is going to have success now. Just trying to see what he has done just to be successful up to this point so I can implement it into my game, also.”


On how much is he looking to improve on his speed, given he did not produce as well as desired at the NFL Combine:

“It is definitely something that I am improving on right now. I did not perform how I wanted to at the combine, but since the combine, I have been working on getting faster and more explosive in my lower body so I can break away from DBs just to show that I am a more explosive player.”


On his reaction to former Browns and NFL WR and Ohio State wide receivers coach Brian Hartline tweeting to show him respect in the middle of the draft by saying another team should trade up to select him:

“It is definitely nothing but respect. He recruited me when I was at Ohio State, and we just have that mutual respect for each other, even when I decided not to go to Ohio State. I personally called him and told him that I would be going to a different university, and he was just glad that I was a man at such a young age being able to call him and tell him that I went with a different decision. Definitely hats off to him. I appreciate him for shooting out that tweet. Much love.”


On why he can excel playing inside and outside WR:

“I think being able to understand defenses. Inside, just a lot more trying to feel out the zones and learning linebacker leverages and also with safeties. On the outside, it is also similar. I think what I did last year playing inside and outside, it is definitely going to help me this upcoming season.”


On waiting to hear his name called and if he had an indication it might be the Browns:

“I definitely had an indication early. I met with them at the [combine]. They said they liked me, but I did not hear much from them after that. The whole process up until I had my name called, it was very stressful. Seeing guys get drafted, I was getting a little bit impatient, but God has his plan, and he put me in the right situation.”


On if he played against CB Greg Newsome II in college:

“I went up against Greg my sophomore year. He is definitely the best defensive back I played in my collegiate career.”


On rarely dropping passes during his collegiate career:

“I take a lot of pride in that. Our receivers coach said, ‘We are not receivers. We are takers.’ Anytime the ball comes near us, we take it out of the air. Me and (Cardinals WR) Rondale (Moore), when Rondale was with me at Purdue, we used to catch 500 balls a day. I still do that to this day. Just practicing catching the ball in different ways – over the shoulder, over the head – just trying to find different ways to be able to catch the ball is something that makes me one of the best.”


On what his strong performances in his senior season against Iowa and Michigan State meant to him during the draft process:

“I think it definitely had a lot of consideration. Iowa is known to be one of the top defenses in the country year in and year out. For me to do what I did against them and us to get that big win is definitely something that not only the scouts but the GMs and head coaches see what I can do in the top games. The same with Michigan State. They had a phenomenal year this year, but it is just a team effort and I was put in the right situation thanks to (Purdue Head) Coach (Jeff) Brohm and also my receivers coach just to be able to succeed.”


On if he crossed paths with WR Jarvis Landry while training with House of Athlete:

“Yeah, me and Jarvis, we trained together about two or three times.”


On if he had his necklace specifically made for the draft:

“Yeah, I had it made for the draft. My name is David Bell so it is just a D and a bell. I got my homie who passed away, Dijon Anderson, on the back of it. ‘RIP D3.’ That was his number in high school, and that is why I wore number three in college. He [passed] in May of 2017.”


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