WR Anthony Schwartz (9.17.21)

On when it occurred to him that he would be filling some of WR Odell Beckham Jr.’s role on gameday:

“Really throughout the whole week, I just was ready to go wherever they needed me to go. I was thinking in my head, ‘Odell is probably not going to play like he usually does and play a few snaps so I am probably going to get the majority of the snaps that he would be in on.’ Then when he was out I was like, ‘OK, it is time to go. You are going to be in a lot more.’ I prepare like I am going to be in every play of the game, but still having that confirmation like it is you and you are going in, it got me more excited for the game honestly, knowing that I would play a lot more. It feels great, but of course, we would love to have him back still. He is an amazing player, and we feel we will be even stronger when he comes back.”


On if he has heard from veterans about how fun it will be to play in front of the crowd at FirstEnergy Stadium:

“They always tell me how fun it is going to be. Especially after last week and seeing how Arrowhead was, I am expecting that this week from the home crowd. I know Cleveland from the stuff I have seen so far, they have been amazing, great fans base and they love Browns football. I just can’t wait to just go out there and play in front of them.”


On if people recognize him in public and say ‘we need a championship’:

“If they know I play for the Browns, they will say ‘We have a team this year. We should do a lot.’ I say, ‘Yeah, we should,’ but it is all about what we do out here and taking it game by game.”


On Browns Legend Eric Metcalf coaching him in track in high school:

“Yeah, it was Junior National Track Team so it was mainly helping me with the sprints and the relay coach. It was just giving me little keys in order to fix little things. He cannot teach me a whole new thing, but he did teach me these small things that could help me get ahead in a race and make my race even smoother.”


On if he has watched any of Metcalf’s old highlight clips:

“I have watched a little bit of it, but not a lot of it honestly.”